Ashanti Speaks on Current Relationship Status with Nelly

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ashanti just released a new album, and although “Braveheart” is projected to struggle its first week in sales, that hasn’t stopped the R&B singer from being in full press mode.

In fact, Ashanti has been on the run and hitting up radio stations in multiple cities to promote her new music, and she was in Atlanta on Saturday. She stopped by Hot 107.9 before attending a party to celebrate her new album release (Nelly was reportedly in attendance) and she didn’t hesitate to answer questions about her ex.

Interestingly enough, Ashanti addressed her current relationship status with Nelly to DJ Drama, and she said that although she’s been spending time with the rapper, they are currently not back together because she’s focused on her career right now. She also says that they are in a “cool place” and it took some time for them to get past all the anger they had for one another.

But when asked if they could ever get back together, the singer says:

“It’s possible.”


  1. She needs to leave Nelly alone. Now why would she want to be a grown man’s girlfriend for 20 years? Chile please.

    1. Exactly. He will have her on his leash for another 10 years and she’ll wonder why she isn’t married when she gets in her 40s.

  2. It’s possible? No Ashanti, it shouldn’t be possible. He dogged her out and wasted so many years of her life. Do better Ashanti!

  3. The timing of this is really questionable. It’s like Nelly only wants to be around when Ashanti is in the spotlight.

  4. She’s too old to still be dealing with Nelly. Any man that can date a woman for over 5 years and not propose is pathetic.

  5. If they aren’t back together now, it’s just a matter of time. I don’t know how Ashanti has dealt with this for so long, but I guess she really loves him. Smh.

  6. You live and you learn if you CHOOSE to. If not, you’ll keep making the same mistakes hoping the outcome will be different.

  7. 10 years no ring do the math. I’m curious to know how Tae feels about this lol. She was acting like she was gonna be the one to tame Nelly lol.

  8. I don’t see what these grown women see in Nelly. He still isn’t ready to commit and he will date a woman for a decade with no shame. I wouldn’t give someone like him the time of day.

  9. I think the both of them are using each other. Ashanti made sure he was back in the picture just in time to promote her album and he didn’t mind it because it makes him relevant again. #shrugs

  10. Don’t think the album will sale because it has been leaked for months now. Wish her the best thought because I love her music.

  11. I want to know one thing despite a person’s social status, someone tell me something: Nelly being a non-relevant rapper obviously with old nickel-and-dime raps that he has had hits off of, struggling to come up, and Ashanti, one that’s trying to move on and move forward, it seems to me that she would only be moving backwards if she got back with him. I don’t understand??????? Why go backwards???? You cannot separate your career/love life/emotions from one another. You will give more attention to one over the other. Why would she move backwards, when that in and of itself is BACKWARDS? Either you will pay more attention to him and let your career slide, or pay more attention to your career and let HIM slide. Many do have both, yeah, but it wouldn’t work for them ANYWAY!!! It’s been reported that Nelly is Broke, owes American Express a “BANG” of money that he’s yet to pay off, owes Ashanti $50,000 (She said it in an interview!), He cheated on her with Tae Heckard whom he’s now no longer with, smokes “coke” (yeah, that WAS LEAKED, as if you didn’t know), so, once again, if she goes back, it’s on her, her career will be OVER. People don’t listen to her music ANYWAY, let alone HIS. Both will become HAS-BEEN’S. Well, they actually are!!!

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