Twitter Beef: Porsha Williams Comes for Peter Thomas

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Peter Thomas had a sit down with Porsha Williams’ ex-husband Kordell Stewart regarding the demise of their marriage.

Kordell told Peter that he felt Porsha’s family was way too involved in their relationship, and he was furious to catch his former mother in law sitting in his bedroom and eating pizza one evening.

Porsha’s ex also claims Porsha knew the divorce was coming and she wasn’t “blindsided” by the filing and she didn’t find out about it on Twitter either.

Peter decided to confront Porsha about everything during the trip to Mexico, and when Kenya Moore got involved the night went left.

After Porsha suggested she felt it was her job to clean up her husband’s image, Peter then took the statement to mean Porsha only married Kordell for “PR” reasons. The reality star took to her Twitter account to clear up her comments and also to take a jab at Peter.

She tweets:

porsha williams twitter

Peter clapped back and defended having a conversation with Kordell in front of the cameras in the first place:

peter thomas twitter


    1. Peter is just doing what he has to do to keep Cynthia on the show. I can’t even be mad at that. He’s smart and it’s working.

  1. Gregg really won me over last night. I appreciated the fact that he spoke up for Porsha when Kenya and Peter were trying to gang up on her. Look, only Porsha and Kordell know what happened. And it’s no one else’s business. Peter needs to worry about his own marriage.

    1. Yeah Gregg spoke the truth. I’m ready to see him shut Peter down. I really thought that would be last night’s episode.

      1. Yeah I think we won’t see that until the episode after the next. Bravo loves to make tricky commercials that show things we won’t see until two episodes later.

  2. Is Cynthia’s RHOA contract in jeopardy because Peter is really going hard this season like he’s trying to keep her from getting fired.

    1. Cynthia’s future on RHOA is in trouble actually. She’s boring but her husband isn’t. Had it not been for Peter, she would have been fired already.

  3. I didn’t watch last night episode. But why is Peter talking to Kordell about Porsha after they are over. He is so messy. I am going to have to watch this episode when I get home.

  4. Why does Peter care so much? It’s not his marriage. He can try to make excuses all day but he’s gossiping like a female right now.

  5. First of all, why is never been married before Kenya Moore speaking on anyone else’s marriage when she’s NEVER had one? She needs to have several seats because while she’s saying Porsha was a beard, she’s actually had two imaginary boyfriends so far. So she has no room to talk.

  6. Peter and Cynthia are cut from the same cloth. They are both shady users who cling to anyone that can help them stay on the show. Peter is also kissing up to Kordell because they are in business together. And now Peter is getting cool with Kenya because he actually thinks she will replace NeNe (not happening). Once it’s announced that NeNe ain’t going nowhere, watch him and Cynthia start kissing NeNe’s a-s again.

  7. I’m so over Peter. I know men talk, but this right here is some female ish. Like he really gossips and stuff like he is one of the housewives. None of the other husbands do this.

  8. People need to mind their business. There’s Porsha’s side, Kordell’s side and the TRUTH. The truth no one will ever know so why keep talking about it?

  9. I really wanted Porsha to smack the hell out of Kenya but whatever. Kenya will keep being messy because that’s the only thing keeping her no man having a-s on the show.

  10. I know that’s right Porsha, (lmbo) he trying help Kordell be relevant he need to be worried about how long its gonna take Cynthia to pull her head out the stupid box an get tired of being broke and find somebody that has their own cash

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