Sundy Carter Confirms Having a Child with Married Man

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sundy Carter married man affair rumor finally confirmed? It’s been rumored for years that “Basketball Wives LA” star Sundy Carter had a child with a married man, but now the new reality star is admitting to it on her Twitter account.

Just days after Sundy’s criminal past was exposed, someone apparently found it hypocritical for Sundy to call out Draya for her past when she seems to have just as scandalous of a past too. Sundy felt no need to be ashamed though (read tweets from top to bottom):

sundy carter married man

Apparently Bossip reported back in 2010 that Sundy fathered a love child with former NBA player Larry Hughes. According to the site, Hughes met his daughter for the first time in 2007. Sundy claimed she had no idea Larry was married:

Sundy was seriously dating Larry Hughes for over a year and NEVER knew he was married. They took trips together and she went to a majority of Wizards and Cavaliers games.

The little girl was born July 2007 and Hughes denied her at first, but after Sundy sought legal counsel and forced a paternity test (see gallery for paternity test), he was proven to be Kennedy’s father.

Although Larry agreed to child support, he has been inconsistent and he and Sundy are feuding now over payments, health care and Kennedy’s trust fund. Despite their differences Larry met up with Sundy yesterday so that he could spend time with Kennedy.

His wife had no knowledge of the meeting and she continues to believe that Larry is not Kennedy’s father DESPITE the paternity test and the obvious resemblance.


  1. So that means her and Draya are pretty much on the same level. I don’t see why these females keep trying to call out Draya when they aren’t much better. She’s moved on from her past, so why can’t Draya do the same?

    1. how da f is that so? draya aint had no baby by no married man. when ppl think is draya worse, they’ll put on record that she is worse, but when draya’s actually better, they’ll say draya is on the same level as the worst gtfoh

  2. I’m pretty sure Google was around back in 2007 when they had the affair. Sundy could have hopped her a-s on Google and found out the man was married. She knew.

  3. I’m not buying for a second that she didn’t know the man was married. That’s the first thing that popped up when I just searched for him just now.

  4. She knew he was a married man. These groupies do their homework on every man they go after. I mean they find out everything. I’m not sure why she tried to lie about it. It’s obvious she doesn’t care about an image so why lie?

  5. I am not a Draya fan for real but this broad right here tho!! You can NOT be all up in someone else house going thru all their dirty laundry that’s not even affecting you when you you dirty drawers is flappin in the breeze for all to see. Have a stadium of seats and a nap ma’am!!

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