Rihanna and Drake Spotted Kissing in Nightclub?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna and Drake have been making headlines for the last several days since it’s been reported that Rihanna has agreed to accompany Drake on the European leg of his current tour.

The former couple has been spotted together in Paris and Amsterdam, and even going out on dates like the romance is back on.

However, Rihanna’s camp recently told the New York Daily news that she and Drake are just “best friends,” but onlookers who claim to have been in Soixante Dix Neuf club in Paris, France recently the same time both superstars were partying are saying they acted very much like a couple and even kissed.

Paparazzi company WENN.com reports:

Pop star Rihanna has gone public with her rumoured boyfriend Drake by openly kissing him during a night out in London on Monday (10Mar14). The Diamonds hitmaker and the rapper/singer have sent gossips into a spin in recent weeks by heading out on several public dates together, including a dinner in Amsterdam, Holland last week (06Mar14), a night at the Soixante Dix Neuf club in Paris, France, and a meal at London’s Nobu restaurant. Now it appears the two stars have confirmed they are a couple by locking lips for a steamy smooch during a trip to Cirque Le Soir in the U.K. capital on Monday night. An onlooker tells WENN, “There’s definitely no question about their romance any more. Rihanna and Drake spent the whole night with their tongues down each other’s throats and didn’t seem to care about everybody seeing.”



Unfortunately there are no pictures, so you’ll have to just take this as gossip for now of course.


  1. I just don’t know about these two. Drake’s track record with women is horrible. And Rihanna is not going to take being cheated on well.

  2. Yeah I’m starting to think they are together now. No one is going to follow someone’s tour as a friend. Something has to be going on.

  3. Didn’t she say her and Chris were “best friends” too before they finally confirmed they were dating again?

  4. Drake getting what he deserves. Coming in second…she’s gonna steam roll his a-s into an emotional breakdown. Him and Chris will do an album together . I’ll get back to you guys when I come up with a title

  5. *yawn* they’ll probably do this for a while, get into a fight, and pretend it was only friendship all along. If they want to be single that’s fine, if they want to be together that’s fine, but I’m tired of this “love square” of chris,karrueche, Rihanna, and drake. They really all need to leave each other alone.

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