Halle Berry & Husband Olivier Martinez Separated?

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Halle Berry may have recently had a baby boy with husband Olivier Martinez, but now a new report from the New York Daily News is claiming that the relationship is now on the rocks. According to gossip, Halle and Olivier have been living apart for a while now:

Our Hollywood insiders speculate that the reason for the tension is that the pair have drifted apart because of hectic work schedules. Berry is now shooting her new CBS series, “Extant,” in Los Angeles, while Martinez has been busy working on “Revenge” in a guest-star role that starts Sunday on the hit ABC show.

Once paparazzi darlings, Berry, 47, and Martinez, 48, have not been seen in public together in months. Making whispers of their split even stronger, Berry was not wearing her wedding ring as the special guest at a post-Oscars party. Meanwhile, Martinez was nowhere to be seen.



And if that’s not bad enough, apparently Halle’s “X-Men” role is in trouble too. The actress was pregnant during the filming of the upcoming film, but sources tell the New York Daily News producers decided it would be best to cut the majority of her scenes out. And she basically only has one speaking line in the entire film. Ouch.

Halle and Olivier married in July 2013.


    1. Yeah I think they will work it out. I think they’re just going through a rough patch. It happens.

  1. This is sad. I really thought this marriage would work out for her. I love her in X-men did they have to cut her to one line smh.

  2. Sigh…anyway I hope they work it out. And I hope the rumors about XMen aren’t true. Damn she was pregnant no need to do her dirty like that.

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