Kelly Rowland Gets Dropped by Her Record Label?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kelly’s most recent studio album “Talk a Good Game” only sold around 215,000 copies worldwide, but it was reported months ago that the singer would re-release the album with new tracks to boost sales. However, it now appears that idea didn’t win over Universal Republic because it appears she may have been dropped by the label.

Pop Dust reports:

Kelly Rowland’s name has been removed from the artist roster of Universal Republic’s official website, leading to speculation that she’s been dropped from the label.

Rowland’s last album, the underrated Talk a Good Game, sold 215,000 copies worldwide and spawned one very minor hit with the Gold-certified “Kisses Down Low,” but it may not have been enough to keep her signed. She also doesn’t have the X Factor machine behind her now that it’s been cancelled, so that’s another thing that may have caused Universal to give her the boot.


  1. I blame her fans. Kelly is talented, gorgeous and sweet. Her fans should stop attacking other artists and go out and buy her albums! They are the worst fan base ever.

    1. You can go ahead and add the C Squad to that list too. They will attack you online all damn day but won’t buy Ciara’s albums. Now what kind of sense does that even make?

  2. Sad. Her album was actually pretty good. But if you’re not Beyonce or Rihanna or even Adele, it’s hard to sell R&B albums. I honestly don’t know what Kelly needs to do at this point.

    1. Good point but even Bey’s last album wasn’t really R&B. Neither was Rihanna’s. People just aren’t supporting the genre anymore unless it’s a white artist. Black artists have to start stepping outside the box to sell music.

    2. Agreed! I really liked this latest album and had it on repeat for a while when it first came out. I was sure she had made it with this one…guess I was wrong. But im sure she’ll get picked up soon.

  3. Kelly does not have the IT factor. Period. That is the problem. Neither does Ciara! Hell even Tamar and K Michelle have sold more albums than Ciara and Kelly!

  4. The music business is still a business. If an artist isn’t selling enough albums, they make the label lose money. It had to happen. And if Kelly doesn’t start to sell albums soon, she will have to go Independent like Ashanti did. No big label will want to take a chance on her anymore.

  5. Dang. I really want Kelly to win but she doesn’t promote her music or perform. Tone down the hypersexualized singles and let your vocals shine. We want you to win!

    1. Even with the hypersexualized singles, she could have done better if she had promoted them. She never promote her music, she goes on tv and talk about Beyonce. It’s like she does not want to win.

  6. Like McLoving said, I think the issue was she was trying too hard to be sexual this time around. That’s just not the right path for her. She’s beautiful but I don’t think the sexy thing all ever work for her. I’m sure another label will pick her up and work with her.

  7. A couple of things. Kelly needs to start promoting her music more and talk about Beyonce less. Rihanna learned early that praising Beyonce in your interviews hurts careers. Once Rih stopped talking about Bey, she became a huge star and now she’s the black Madonna. Kelly can’t succeed in Beyonce’s shadow. Also, she needs to cut the sexual gimmicks, it doesn’t work for her. Get back to making to good music and make some crossover singles too.

  8. Meh. I’m not surprised, but definitely sad for her tho. As some others on here have said, she just doesn’t have it. Granted, I didn’t listen to her most recent album, but part of that reason is because she’s never appealed to me as a solo artist. She and Ciara are in the same category for me with regard to talent and their execution of such. But *shrug* I’m sure this isn’t the end for her, so….

  9. She is recording her new album right now and she will be starring in two big movies this year. Don’t worry about her cause this was a mutual decision. Bigger things are coming up for her.

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