Nicki Minaj Gets Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We reported a couple of weeks ago that it was rumored that Nicki Minaj’s longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels was planning to propose to Nicki soon, and now it appears he has made the move.

According to Illseed of All Hip Hop, the couple’s recent vacay to Mexico and celebration for their ten-year anniversary was also the scene for the proposal:

You may have saw on other sites that Nicki went on “vacation” in Mexico to celebrate 10 years with Safaree aka Scaff Breezy – her long running boyfriend. But, the word is that was the trip where he proposed to her. Its clear that this is the real deal and has been for quite some time. There have even been haters of the couple that has recently released images of their various relationship outside of each other. But we aren’t playing that game. Not now. The word is they got engaged simple and plain.



Interestingly enough, both Nicki and Safaree are rocking what appears to be engagement bands on their ring fingers now (Instagram):

nicki minaj engaged



Congrats to the couple, if true.


  1. Yeah they have been together forever! Some people said they are married but Nicki wouldn’t get married without her mom and siblings there.

  2. I hope Safaree is mature enough for marriage. He’s made me give him the side eye quite a few times with his childish behavior.

  3. He’s been holding her down before she was even famous. He even helps her write some of her lyrics. I wish them well!

  4. Well if it’s true then congrats to them both. Better to have someone that loved you before the money and fame anyway.

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