Drake Cuts off His Groupies to Be with Rihanna?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake and Rihanna are now officially a couple again, but some of her own fans are concerned about the romance considering Drake’s reputation of being quite the ladies man.

But now new gossip is suggesting that Drake is trying his hardest to show Rihanna that he can be faithful and he even allegedly cut off his ties to one of his own groupies who labels herself as a “video vixen.”

Hollywood Life reports:

Drake has called it quits with his longtime “video vixen” lover and she blames Drake’s relationship Rihanna!

“They’ve been hooking up for the last couple years, she was his LA side piece but sometimes he’d fly her to New York or wherever to meet up with him,” a source told HollywoodLife.com exclusively. ”But he’s ended it with her and she says it’s because he’s getting serious with Rihanna. She’s bummed but not that surprised because he used to talk about Rihanna a lot, like he couldn’t help it.”



Drake also reportedly deleted the numbers of all his past lovers from his phone.


  1. Well he better because Rihanna is not going to deal with cheating and she will blast him on Twitter. lol

  2. I still don’t know about this one. Drake has always had a harem. It’s hard to believe he would get rid of all those side chicks for anyone.

    1. I agree if Chris had his sh-t together Rihanna would be right by his side thats the TRUTH! Even though I don’t think they need to be together its so obvious they are each other first choice. That’s why Drake will end up with the broken heart before Rihanna. Drake is such a lame why would you settle for being someone’s 2nd choice. That west indian box got him going crazy lol.

    2. It’s the truth but y’all don’t want to admit it. Y’all also said Rihanna would never go back to him and she did.

    3. I said this on the last post. Of she had truly moved on she wouldn’t go back to what she already had. To me she’s going back to someone that will eventually f-ck up so she can keep her options open. In the meantime Drake is someone she can have appease her. Drake is the runner up. Sorry folks…

  3. I am telling y’all Drake is falling hard. I hope for Drake sake this relationship last because if it doesn’t. He will be whining like crazy on future songs. Y’all remember the first time they first hooked up and Rihanna left him he wouldn’t quit singing about her.

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