Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield Feel RHOA Isn’t Real Anymore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last night, and they dished on what’s going on in their lives sans the hit reality show as well as their feelings on today’s cast.

Interestingly enough, Kim and Sheree expressed that they feel the show is no longer real and now the drama just seems so staged and forced.

While reflecting on how the show was back in the earlier seasons, Kim says:

 “It was real. We were really mad.  Or we were really happy. We were really having a good time.”

“We put our all into it,” says Sheree.

Kim adds, “It wasn’t blogs creating it. Or it wasn’t other people texting it. We were really mad. Or really happy. These were issues that we were really going through. I really think people can sense that or feel that throughout the years.”


When asked their thoughts on Kenya’s over the top antics, Kim says:

“You got to earn your keep somehow.”



Check out the video below:


  1. I agree completely. Ever since Kenya got on the show, everything just changed. That bish doesn’t even live in ATL or stay there when she is not filming. No man, no kids…nothing. She just gets a check to cause fights and drama. The show just isn’t the same but they got the LHHATL crowd watching now, so maybe that was the point.

    1. That was the point. Bravo wanted Carlos (True Entertainment) to help the show become popular with the younger, LHH audience. Kenya has agreed to act like a bird just to get more camera time. It’s so bad none of the other housewives will film with her alone because she’s desperate and evil as hell. Yes, it makes for good TV but it’s hurting her image something serious. She wants to compare herself to NeNe, but NeNe can only go up coming from a stripper past. Kenya was Miss USA and had movie roles. This is a serious downgrade for her no matter how she tries to slice it.

  2. I have to say I agree. I’ve been watching the show since the first season, and it has really changed. I miss the fact that the original girls were actually friends. So when they fell out, it was real. Now none of these women are real friends, and it shows in how catty their confessionals are now. I’m still watching for NeNe, but if she ever walks I think I’m done with the show. I preferred the old girls.

  3. Amen. I miss Sheree and Kim. They stood up to NeNe and they did it in such a funny way. I can’t get into Kenya. Sorry.

  4. Two things changed. One, they hired Kenya. And two, they hired the LHHATL producer. It may work for now, but eventually it will crash and burn.

  5. I actually agree with Kim and Sheree. I just need to vent a little a bit about last night’s episode. That damn Kenya is a sneaky conniving b-tch. I will not be satisfied until somebody beat the dog sh-t out of her. Apollo is pathetic and a sorry excuse for a husband. Phaedra need to go head and file those papers. I feel sorry for Phaedra because she just keeps getting disrespected by Apollo it is getting hard to watch.

    1. Yeah Kenya is acting like this is a soap opera. I really wish they would get rid of her. The show used to be fun to watch, now I find myself wanting to pull my hair out and watch something else.

      1. Yea I am so over Kenya and her antics. Somebody needs to call her out once again on that trip. Peter has so much to say about everybody else business. I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about Kenya antics. He good for speaking on things that ain’t his business.

  6. Yeah it’s Kenya…she came on not being so bad but now I’m having a hard time watching any of the scenes she’s in. She plays way too dirty for me.

    1. Not being so bad? Sis I really disagree. Kenya started off acting like a fool. The way she acted at Cynthia’s event was ratchet and then she almost punched Porsha. She’s always been terrible and lacked class from day one. She really can’t say ish about NeNe. Nothing.

  7. I read no lies. The show is fake as hell now and Kenya tries too damn hard. She’s nothing but a bad actress. We have not seen the real Kenya Moore yet and she’s been on the show for two seasons now.

  8. I agree. It’s just not the same. But that’s what happens when you start to think ratings first, and substance last. And Kenya swears she makes the show, but she’s actually ruined it in my opinion. And that ratings bump she keeps talking about is small. RHOA always had good ratings. Always.

  9. I predict the show will start to go downhill by next season. It’s now just another ratchet reality show.

  10. Honestly, last night I was just really annoyed by Kenya. She really needs to stop acting like some innocent victim when she causes 99.9% of the problems on the show. And Phaedra needs to divorce Apollo. Yes, he’s fine but she should have never married him in the first place. He’s an idiot and not even on her level. Get a real man Phaedra.

  11. Interesting. I was just talking to my friends about this last night. I still enjoy RHOA but the brand has drastically changed. I feel like the class it once had is gone. And it’s ironic because Kenya’s fans swear she’s sooooo classy and intelligent. But I’m trying to understand how? I’m embarrassed for her.

  12. Well the producers are different and they clearly wanted the show to take a different direction. I just hope Kenya understands how awful she makes herself look. If she thought it was hard to find a man before…lol

  13. I never thought I would agree with Kim or Sheree, let alone miss them. I guess it is true that you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

  14. Kenya tried to make herself look good with the Apollo thing but she can’t undo the footage of her flirting with him during season 5. She knew he was married but didn’t care. I’m starting to think the rumors about her sleeping with married men back in the day are true.

  15. Anytime you have grown people fighting on TV your show has gone too far. I hope all these people eventually realize how dumb they look for a measly Bravo paycheck.

    1. Please! Got out? Methinks not! Kim needs the paycheck for her 10 kids, and everything Sheree owns is in foreclosure. If Bravo offered either of them a check, they would be acting turnt up just like Kenya’s messy behind too.

      1. Eh, Kim has her own show now. And it did get renewed for another season. She doesn’t need the RHOA check any more. As far as Sheree is concerned, Sheree’s problem has always been her spending habits. She was broke when she was on the show and still is. That doesn’t mean she wants to do RHOA again. Either way, it’s good both of them are gone now because they don’t fit in with what the show has become now. They don’t want to kiss NeNe’s butt like all the others, and they don’t like the staged direction the show is going in. I say everything worked out.

  16. I don’t like sherae or kim but I have to say i been saying it was fake drama from the beginning. How yes i agree with them both. They have always had high ratings. Kenya needs to go. But her job is secure.

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