Nicki Minaj’s Fiancé Safaree Slams Critics of Their Relationship

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Nicki Minaj is now closer to marrying her longtime love Safaree Samuels. The couple reportedly got engaged several days ago during their trip to Mexico in celebration of their ten-year anniversary.

But Safaree still finds himself the target of criticism since it’s clear Nicki is the breadwinner in the relationship.

Apparently Safaree is over people taking shots at his manhood, so he decided to vent his frustrations on Twitter.

He tweets:

scaff beezy twitter


  1. I really wish he would stop with his Twitter rants. People will always have opinions. There’s nothing he can do to change that.

  2. Umm ok. If he’s cool with her taking care of him, I guess it’s cool. Most men would have an issue and want to provide for themselves tho.

  3. If Nicki doesn’t mind him giving up his life for her dream. then I don’t really see an issue.

  4. If he’s happy with it, *shrugs*. Personally I think life is too short to give up your dream in exchange for someone else’s. We all deserve to chase our own dreams.

  5. But he’s not lazy. He helps Nicki write her songs and helps her produce some of her music too. He’s her hype man and her business partner. He doesn’t just sleep all day. He works hard too.

  6. I honestly think they found something that works for them. He was in the same rap group as Nicki a long time ago, but he gets to live his own dreams too by being her hype man and helping her record her albums and write her lyrics. She didn’t want to do it alone, and he didn’t want her to.

  7. I really believe a man should make his own money and be a provider, but Nicki seems to be really happy with this man so it is what it is. Couldn’t be me though.

    1. Hype men get paid . He probably wear different hats and get multiple 0ay check. Maybe not as much as Nicki.

      Be a provider as in if I make more monet you will pay the full mortgage and bills? What do you mean by.provider? What are the conditions?

      1. Basically I want my wife to work because she wants to. Not because she has to. I’ll keep the bills paid and hold her down. But if she wants a career, I support that too. She will have choices. That’s a provider, at least in my opinion.

  8. Isn’t this the same dude who punched her in her face a couple years ago. Oh, we don’t talk about that.

  9. If you read the police report he did not punch her he shoved a suitcase across her chin and lower lip while there was a shruggle. Couples get into it sometimes..Not to say that its ok to hit a women but things happen I doubt it was intentional. If they are happy with their relationship no one should have anything to say about it. =)

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