Tyler Perry’s ‘Single Mom’s Club’ Flops at the Box Office

Photo Credit: Lionsgate
Photo Credit: Lionsgate

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyler Perry usually has a knack of winning big in the box office when it comes to his Madea films, but he doesn’t have as much success with his other films. However, many suspected his new film starring Nia Long would perform well in theaters, but now reports show “Single Mom’s Club” gave Tyler his weakest opening week ever.

Coming Soon reports:

After carving a niche among a dedicated audience of older African-American female moviegoers, Tyler Perry finally had his first out-and-out flop, as Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club wasn’t even able to bring in $10 million over the weekend. Starring Nia Long, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Amy Smart, Cocoa Brown and Terry Crews, Perry’s latest opened with just $8.3 million in 1,896 theaters, his weakest opening ever, not even making the $11.2 million of 2007’s Daddy’s Little Girls. Maybe it wasn’t too surprising that Lionsgate opened the movie in less theaters than many of Perry’s previous films after they decided not to re-up his deal.


  1. I saw it. It was just ok. Not bad, but not good either. I think people are just getting tired of Tyler’s “just ok” movies. It’s probably time for him to step out the box and make a movie that goes against his typical writing.

  2. I was going to see it because I love Nia Long, but something about it just seemed corny to me. Maybe the trailers? IDK.

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t say much. But I know a lot of people are not feeling Tyler Perry anymore. And for some reason, his die hard fans only seem to like his Madea stuff.

  4. we want to see SISTAS. these other people don’t care about us or try to blend us into their movies (unless it’s to give us a degrading role), but brothas always kissin’ all the other races behinds.

  5. I saw the movie because I’m a Nia Long fan. It was a snooze fest. I literally dozed off the first 15 minutes of the movie.

    The chemistry between the women wasn’t authentic and looked very forced. I’m tired of TP portraying the heavyset Black woman as loud and angry. She also was the only one of the single mothers in the hood with a house full of kids and two sons in jail (so stereotypical). His kissing scene with Nia Long looked uncomfortable to him and just gross. Finally the dyed on beard was wack…he looked like he had a helmet on the whole movie.

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