Draya Confirms Fight with Sundy Carter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya and Sundy Carter fight confirmed? “Basketball Wives LA” stars Draya and Sundy Carter can’t stand each other, and weeks ago things got so heated between them at a Pre Oscars party that it led to a shouting match.

Draya’s issue with Sundy is that she is annoyed that Sundy is always trying to bring up her past, while Sundy’s beef with Draya is that she doesn’t feel like Draya owns up to her past.

Either way, it’s apparent in previews of the current season that things get so bad that both ladies may even end up getting into a physical confrontation during their Palm Springs trip.

Draya actually confirmed last night on Twitter that she did lay hands on Sundy and even gave her a black eye too. She tweets:

draya twitter


  1. They are too old to be fighting. I know they are on a reality show and ratings matter, but by fighting they guarantee they won’t do much more than Basketball Wives. LOL that’s why NeNe had no problems walking away from Marlo.

    1. Girl NeNe knew fighting would cut off her checks in no time. Her invites to the View and DWTS would have been cut off immediately.

  2. So she’s bragging about fighting but was the same person complaining about people not accepting her growth. *sips tea*

  3. And this is why I need to stop watching this ratchet a-s show. There’s no real substance to any of these broads, so they have to fight and bicker to keep people watching.

  4. Like I keep saying everybody on that show is on the same level in my opinion. Nobody is better than the other. All of these women exhibit basic bird behavior.

  5. SMH so much for me thinking Draya actually grew up. I was ready to give her credit, but then she behaves like a bird too.

  6. Sundy is nearly 40 if not older and Draya is a youngin compared to that fossil..She and Jackie are so jealous of Draya the are besides themselves. They hate the fact that their claim to fame is some dude , while we don’t even know who Draya baby daddy is and we don’t need to cause she’s making her own money. She’s not waiting for that hand out like these old hags.

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