Sundy Carter Says Draya Needs to Act Her Age

Photo Credit: Vibe/YouTube
Photo Credit: Vibe/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya is currently not on good terms with Jackie Christie and “Basketball Wives LA” newbie Sundy Carter, so we’re sure the jabs will continue to be thrown on-screen and in interviews.

In a recent interview with Vibe, Jackie says she feels the real issue with Draya is that she’s immature:

“She’s very immature in a lot of ways as well and I think a lot of the problems are brought on by her attitude. You have to have a good attitude, especially being in this type of group.”



Brittish Williams then adds that she feels Draya believes she is better than the rest of them, and it’s an attitude she’s not fond of:

“I think that’s my problem with her. It’s her attitude. t’s like ‘I’m on top of the world and no one’s above me. That’s what I feel she’s extra on.”



Sundy then says she feels Draya needs to act her age:

“I also feel like when you’re in your thirties you can’t turn 28 like 50 million times, but when you’re actually are in your thirties you should act accordingly.”



Interestingly enough, this come just days after Sundy cursed out Brandi Maxiell on Twitter and taunted her about her husband possibly cheating.

Check out the video below:


    1. LOL exactly. They are always talking about how terrible Draya is but they aren’t any better themselves. None of them.

  1. I honestly don’t think any of them can talk about the other being immature. Especially not Jackie. She’s older than all of them and she’s just ridiculous.

  2. I wish these birds would get off of Draya nuts already. I can understand why Draya feels like she’s that b-tch because when you have birds who are constantly pressed about you that will boost your ego.

  3. Oh please. All of them are birds. And isn’t Sundy going to be fighting Draya on the next episode? Yeah, that’s real mature. Not!

  4. Off topic a little bit… Sundy’s name really bothers me. Like, what did the “a” ever do to her mom that they decided to just leave it out? *shrug*

  5. Lol Sundy pushing them five extra tv minutes isn’t she but funny thing is Draya is acting more mature Jackie it’s the worse off them all jus devious!!

  6. I wonder if they know that by doin all they do is not being very mature?? Pots calling kettle indeed! All them hoes need to have a coke and a smile and shut the f up forever.

  7. lots off people here defending Ostrich-face Draya.

    She has a stink a-s attitude❢ she is a Whore❢ And she think because she is 1/2 white she is better.
    1.proof [that episode when she lost the Black men magazine Cover . she almost lost her mind.. that a dark skin girl beat her] ……b-tch please you ain’t 100 proof
    2. she only runs around white , light or Hispanic female. See the models she hires

    Draya suffers for that stink-mulatto attitude we see & put up with in the black community for Generations. Why these f-ckers NEVER identify or hang in the White Community?

    No. they know that aren’t sh-t in the white community. They run to our Black community because WE ACCEPT THEM , show them love and acknowledgement. then they try to slap the hand that help them. Parasites

    F-CK THE OSTRICH-FACE – Her Black-girl butt , breast + body is purchase!
    she aint 100% / Her Hot Black Chic is watered -down.

    ❤these 3 ladies are the real deal❢ and have my support for all their success

  8. Regardless of her light skin. She is a product of the community that makes her. Blame the Black community for their value on light skin, not her. I’m dark brown skin and I’m ok with that. I don’t knock another for their hustle. Her life isn’t that superior. If she had to strip for a living, and her son almost got taken away, then obviously she’s had struggles. I never had to strip… Women spend so much time tearing each other down an I think that’s F’d up. Get f’ing lives and worry about your family and pocket books. I hope she finds her way.

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