Watch: Jackie Christie Instigates Beef Between Draya and Sundy Carter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We already know Draya will lay hands on Sundy Carter in an upcoming episode of “Basketball Wives LA,” but it now appears that the actual physical altercation may have been instigated somewhat by Jackie Christie.

In a preview of the upcoming episode, Sundy presses Draya about looking like she didn’t want to be in Palm Springs with the rest of the ladies, but Jackie seems to be the one who makes sure she lets Sundy know that Draya called her ratchet. This leads to Sundy getting hostile and once again taunting Draya about her stripper past (even though Draya doesn’t seem to be ashamed of it).

On the episode, VH1 blogs:

Draya and Malaysia finally show up to the house where Draya appears to be visibly going through it. Jackie asks her how she is since they haven’t spoken since all the Orlando-Chantel non-relationship drama. Draya says she’s doing fine but Sundy keeps asking her if she wants to be there because it doesn’t look like she does. Sundy is on repeat, telling Draya to leave if she doesn’t want to be there with them. (Notice Malaysia around the 1:05 mark giving Jackie a yo-make-this-ish-stop look.) Finally Sundy drops it and excuses herself into the kitchen and Draya mutters something about, “Get your ratchet a*s on!” Always pure hearted Jackie makes sure Sundy heard Draya. Then it goes down with Sundy calling Draya by her stripper name “Miami” and saying she didn’t even tip her when she saw her dancing in Philly.

Check out the preview below:


  1. So they fight and argue every episode? They always sound like a bunch of chickens clucking on every episode.

  2. They are all too dumb to see that Jackie sees them as puppets. All she does is start the mess and let them go at it. Idiots.

  3. I’m pretty sure Draya knows she used to be a stripper, so why does Sundy feel the need to keep reminding? lol

  4. Jackie is such a sh-t starter. Her and Sundy are pathetic. I would hate to see how these birds act when someone who they really could be jealous of is around them.

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