Draya Says She’s Embarrassed by Sundy Carter Fight

Photo Credit:Instagram
Photo Credit:Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya made it clear that she will lay hands on Sundy Carter on an upcoming episode of “Basketball Wives LA” and even claims she gave her a black eye. But although she sounded proud on Twitter, she now says in a recent interview with The Insider that she’s actually embarrassed by it:

“This Sundy girl. The way that she talks about me in her interviews, as if she has a real problem with me so I just had to ask her like, ‘What is wrong with you? Did I steal your boyfriend in high school? I couldn’t have because you’re 40. Like I wasn’t born yet when you were in high school.’ So, it’s like arguing with just like a dummy.

“I needed to have that moment. Unfortunately, I’m very embarrassed of my actions because that’s not me. I’m not a fighter, I’m not even an arguer.”


Draya then says she thinks the real issue with her and the other ladies who aren’t feeling her is that they intimidated of her and she might as well get her own show since they continue to make it all about her:

“You know what? I think that all of them were intimidated. I couldn’t believe that they were bold enough to go against me.

“They should just give me my own show. It’s all about me. I think that the audience wants to get more of Draya.”


  1. They need to go ahead and name the show The Draya Show! She makes the show and all the bitter chicks can’t help but talk about her all the time. She keeps em pressed! LOL!

  2. I had to stop watching this show. All they do is fight and curse each other out. And the nerve of Draya to talk like she’s so above the rest of them. She’s a bird too.

  3. Draya should not have even let Sundy’s dusty a-s get to her that much. It’s obvious she just wanted a reaction anyway.

  4. Girl bye you embarrassed about this but not by the accusation of your boyfriend constantly cheating on you. Birds of a feather I tell ya.

  5. I am watching the BBWLA episode now. Draya almost downed an entire bottle of Cognac straight before the fight with Sundy.

  6. She’s not embarrassed. From what I’m reading in the comment section, she bragged on twitter. But she also made jokes about it on the show as well. Draya felt like she did something once she saw that she blacked Sundy’s eye. Phony alert. And Draya must have forgotten how she started out on this show. Talking about she can’t believe they were “bold enough” to step to her? Really? I must have missed something….

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