Highly Respected Feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Defends Beyonce

Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman/Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman/Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Widely respected feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie caught some backlash from her own supporters when it was learned that she agreed to be featured in the beginning of Beyonce’s track “Flawless” because a lot of people aren’t sold on the singer’s claims of being a feminist all because some of her music is sexual and she called her haters “b*tches” on “Bow Down.”

Although Beyonce’s latest album dropped back in December, people are still debating why Beyonce cannot be a feminist.

Interestingly enough, feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie thinks it’s dangerous that feminism has become more so about who can’t call themselves a feminist than the actual movement itself. And in a recent interview at an event sponsored by Schomburg Center in Harlem, she defended the singer and says any woman who calls herself a feminist is “a bloody feminist”:

“I think the world views [Black women] differently and how things are read differently. For example, Beyoncé, so she chooses to own her sexuality and there’s somehow something bad, just deeply bad about it. It just seems to me like the White version of Beyoncé wouldn’t have that kind of response.

“If a woman is sexually overt is she still feminist? It’s a question that…obviously for me, the answer is yes. But also in a larger sense, I’m not interested in policing feminism either. I have such a problem with the idea of people saying things like, “Oh she’s not feminist because of blah blah blah.”

“Whoever says they’re feminist is bloody feminist. And I just feel like we live in a world where more people need to be saying it and we shouldn’t be looking to pull people out of the feminist party. And I think the reason I find myself reacting so strongly to questions of female sexuality is…there’s something very disturbing to me about the idea that a woman’s sexuality somehow is not hers. So when certain feminists who will say, it’s about the male gaze, it’s for the man, there a kind of a self-censoring about that that’s similar to what they’re fighting.

“So as long as women have the choice…why shouldn’t women own their sexuality? Why shouldn’t a woman who does whatever with her sexuality identify as feminist? I’ve just always found that very troubling. It’s almost unfeminist to make that argument that if you shake your booty, you’re not feminist.

“But I’m thinking, well, do you want to shake your booty? Shouldn’t you have your choice to shake your booty?”



What are your thoughts on Adichie’s comments?


  1. Honestly the only reason they are saying Bey isn’t a feminist is because she’s married and doesn’t hate men. I say who cares at this point.

    1. “Honestly the only reason they are saying Bey isn’t a feminist is because she’s married and doesn’t hate men.”


  2. Y’all already know where I stand on this subject. I despise any woman who puts down another woman for not being ashamed of her sexuality. These women calling Beyonce a whore for what she wears and singing about sleeping with her husband are the scum of the earth.

    1. why are they the scum of the earth???????????????? For the life of me I can’t understand why people don’t know what decency means even more try to emulate what it represents. WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR BED ROOM IS YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!! How does selling sex empower women????????????

      1. Yes, scum of the earth. Tell me, why is sex sooooo bad? How is sex indecent? Evil? Is that not how YOU got here? I don’t understand some people.

  3. Beyonce is whatever she wants to be. If she wants to call herself a feminist, who cares? I really don’t understand why people blew this up so much. Everything she does is studied and analyzed. Just let her be…sheesh.

  4. I think people ran with the whole Beyonce isn’t a feminist thing because it’s Beyonce. Everything Bey does is trashed and people always find something to be mad about when it comes to her. But the one thing I like about her is she doesn’t let it stop her or get to her.

  5. If a woman wants to wear skimpy clothes because SHE wants to…why is that an issue? I think it should only be an issue if she feels forced to. But Beyonce is her own boss and she is doing what she wants to do. I thought feminism was about choice. #shrugs

  6. If Beyonce isn’t a feminist because she called women b-tches on Bow Down and sings about sex, then the women complaining aren’t feminists either since they call her everything but a child of God for it. LOL.

  7. You can’t be a feminist and slut shame another woman. Most of the complaints I see from feminists about Bey is for how she dresses and singing sexual lyrics. That goes against feminism because they are supposed to be fighting for the equality between men and women. Men don’t get this kind of backlash for being sexual. I swear most of these feminists have no idea what feminism is really about.

  8. I only hope that people who supports B, singing about sex and tell women to bow down, that the feminist Beyonce; that their daughters don’t emulate them. Because many people are coming out and say that there artists should not be teens role model but their parents, which I find ludicrous and will be left for another discussion. #stupid

    1. LOL. So you don’t want young girls to actually emulate a woman who worked hard to get her success, made a man court her for years before dating him, and having a baby after marriage all while maintaining her successful career just because she’s not ashamed of her sexuality? Oh. Ok. :-/

      I’m glad Michelle Obama has more sense.

    2. First of all, Beyonce didn’t tell women to bow down, she told all of her HATERS to bow down. So that actually applies to you I guess. But get the facts right before you try to speak on the subject.

      The last time I checked, Beyonce was grown. 32 years old to be exact. So that means she can sing about whatever she wants for her grown fans. It’s up to the parents to make sure their kids ain’t singing along to Partition. The problem is people people want celebs to raise their kids. Yall got it twisted. Bey has one child, and she’s doing a damn good job of taking care of her.

      Beyonce did not invent singing about sex. That’s been going on for many years. Prince is a legend and he’s always been very sexual. Yet today he’s considered one of the greats. Y’all only hop on the soapbox when it’s pertaining to someoene you didn’t like in the first place. The only reason yall are mad at Bey is because it’s Bey. Yall need something to complain about when it comes to her. Why aren’t yall ever this outraged when a man sings about sex? Oh, that’s right. Because only women are supposed to be modest and not speak on sex. Men can do whatever they want. Please!

      And Beyonce has always made music to uplift women. But all of that goes out the door because she made a FEW songs about sexing her HUSBAND? The album has 14 tracks and only 4 are sexual. Why are yall hyping this up so much when most of the album ain’t even about sex? The ironic thing is you’re calling us stupid but you have the dumbest comment on here.

      Beyonce is promoting marital sex. I don’t see how that’s a problem unless you’ve been brainwashed to believe women should be ashamed of sex and their bodies. And if that’s what you believe, you need help.

      Every artist has the right to express themselves however they please. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the album. But you don’t have a right to tell someone the kind of music they should make.

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