Draya Defends Giving Sundy Carter a Black Eye

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We have to assume that Draya must have mixed emotions when it comes down to her brawl with “Basketball Wives LA” newbie Sundy Carter because one minute she’s embarrassed by the fight, and the next she’s quite proud of giving Sundy a black eye on her Twitter account.

However, Draya is aware that fighting wasn’t necessarily a good look for her since she is trying to make a name for herself outside of the VH1 reality show, but she says Sundy’s black eye was deserved since she took jabs at her son.

Draya tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

draya twitter


    1. Amen. When you talk about someone’s else’s kids, be prepared for them to knock your teeth out. LOL at Sundy not even getting a scratch in.

    1. Yes and she’s still saying she beat Draya up but Draya has not one mark on her body. Sundy is so delusional it’s sad.

  1. I could have sworn Draya said something about Sundy’s daughter first to the effect of she didn’t know who the daddy was. And that’s when Sundy said something about her son. So in my opinion both were wrong.

  2. She has fire in her eyes…not surprised that she took things to that level…SUNDY got the message!!!

  3. I agree with Draya. Sundy lucky she didn’t get cut talking about somebody child. I don’t even play when comes down to my nephews I be ready to fight I can’t even imagine somebody talking about my child I would be pulling a razor out my bra quick fast and hurry.

  4. Sundy lost big time. She can say whatever she wants but everyone saw who walked away bruised and who walked away with not one scratch.

  5. Sundy got what she deserved at no point and time is it okay to talk about people kids or even bring people kids into something they have nothing to do with. Real childish. Shoot she lucky she only got a black eye. And I feel Draya shouldn’t have an image to clean up because one everybody knows people kids are off limits & because two the show is messy all by itself sooo..

  6. You talk about someone’s kid, you deserve a black eye and more. Kids should always be off limits in any beef.

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