Kenya Moore Sets Porsha Williams up to Get Fired?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The gossip just keeps coming when it comes to the Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams fight. According to new reports, Porsha was fired for getting physical with Kenya, but solid sources in Atlanta are saying that Porsha was not fired, yet. In fact, blogger Straight from the A says there were several inaccuracies floating around in earlier reports regarding Kenya’s beatdown.

For one thing, apparently Kenya did not bring a sex toy to the reunion filming, instead she actually brought a scepter and kept saying she is the Queen of RHOA. This didn’t sit well with the other ladies but she apparently insulted Porsha the most:

Kenya reported goaded the newly divorced ‘housewife’ about being Kordell’s ‘beard.’ She even went so far as to bring up old, unverified stories from the net that claimed Porsha was cheating on Kordell all along and said that her divorce was merely ‘karma’.

The cheating rumors reportedly struck a nerve with Porsha and she swung on Kenya. It wasn’t a sucker punch… many say Kenya clearly saw it coming and tried to duck which is how Porsha got a handful of her hair!

No other ‘housewife’ came to Kenya’s aid. Security actually had to break the ladies apart while the other cast mates looked on.

Now the ladies are banning together in support of Porsha because the ALL feel that Kenya (ie ‘the wild card’) has gone way too far and that Porsha’s response could have came from any of them.



So maybe NeNe’s recent tweet isn’t a goodbye to Porsha but a symbol of support. And it gets even more interesting. A source recently informed Atlanta newspaper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution that producers are starting to think Kenya actually set up Porsha purposely just to get her fired:

Various websites and my source said Porsha during the taping attacked Kenya and pulled her hair. (If true, she is taking the Sheree Whitfield path of physical confrontation. Remember when she “pulled” Kim Zolciak’s wig?) Kenya reportedly brought a scepter on set, as if she’s “royalty.” She also used a bullhorn as a prop. Kenya threw out unverified rumors that Porsha cheated on Kenya, then invited Porsha to hit her so she could get Porsha fired, my source said.

Porsha apparently fell for Kenya’s bait and went after her aggressively, but security pulled them apart relatively quickly. None of the other ladies got involved. Kenya for a time didn’t want to be in the same room as Porsha and as she had threatened, she demanded Porsha be fired, my source said.



Now Porsha may not be officially fired from the show as of yet, but many are starting to think it’s only a matter of time since Kenya is allegedly pressing the issue even though it allegedly was her plan all along. In fact, Kenya allegedly told producers either they fire Porsha or she walks.

Another tidbit we’re hearing is that Kenya’s camp has been telling some blogs that Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes pulled Porsha to the side and told her to fight Kenya during one of the reunion filming breaks, but we’re hearing that’s not true and it’s just a tactic Kenya is using to cover her tracks regarding baiting Porsha to throw the first punch.

Regardless, Kenya took to Twitter to let her fans know that she’s above fighting even though she wasn’t a season ago when her beef with Porsha was in its beginning stages. She tweets:

kenya moore twitter


  1. So now Kenya wants to pretend she’s above fighting when she threatened to knock Phaedra’s teeth out while she was pregnant and had to be restrained because she wanted to fight Porsha last season? Girl goodbye.

  2. I think I’m done with RHOA. The only reason I ever watched is because I liked NeNe and Kandi, but I don’t do ratchet behavior. If I did, I would just watch LHHATL. So I’m done. Kenya can be the queen all day long, but I won’t be watching.

  3. Bull. They had had violence before and no one was fired. If they fire Porsha, I have to think long and hard about watching the show because I don’t feel it’s fair.

    1. Nene has some kinda VOODOO on this entire cast and viewers. Last i checked NENE chocked Kim and puller her wig……………….

      1. Why does Nene’s name come up everytime Kenya does something grimey. Just for the record, that kind of deflection doesn’t work. Kenya is a messy broad who has no life but to stir the pot. That ish has nothing to do with Nene.

  4. Kenya needed her a-s whooped! She is too dirty and her mouth is way too slick. If they start firing people for popping her upside the head like she deserved, I’m not watching anymore. Kenya does not get to do what she wants without repercussions. She’s annoying as hell!

  5. Kenya can’t get along with anybody. It doesn’t matter who they bring on the show, she will stir the pot and torture them. I don’t see how this evil bish even has fans. She’s a disgusting human being.

  6. I am not surprised. I’m sure Kenya was just trying to be as nasty as possible and provoke someone that day and Porsha was the one who took the bait. Oh well. Beating Kenya’s behind was worth it I feel. Good for you Porsha.

  7. I really think Kenya is just playing a role and this isn’t real for her. She is just trying to entertain the viewers. Porsha went too far in my opinion.

  8. This sounds like something Kenya would do. I hate it for Porsha but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise if she gets fired. I can only imagine how draining it is to deal with Kenya’s antics each season. I bet all the housewives are tired and would walk away if they could afford to. It’s not fun for them anymore and you can tell.

  9. I heard Kenya is only safe because she’s agreed to be the producers’ puppet. She has literally agreed to do all the things everyone else refused to do, no matter how dirty.

  10. Does Kenya not understand how bad she is making herself look? She’s not going to get the opportunities and projects she thinks she will by behaving this way. There’s a reason why most reality stars don’t end up doing much else and that’s because they have trashy images and behave like ratchets on TV.

  11. But as soon as Kenya thinks someone is trying to plot on her she cries victim. Ugh I cannot stand this chick.

  12. Why is Kenya even there? She was never a wife a fiancé or even a girlfriend. She is not from the A,Georgia, or the south for that matter. I’d rather see Porsha story instead of Kenya same ol’ BS. There need to be a petition.

  13. Porsha is dumb then. I think Kenya has done much worse to Phaedra, but Phaedra was smart enough not to hit her. So Porsha needs to go.

  14. This is what Kenya did to NeNe at the charity event. She sets people up and puts them in situations that will have them looking bad. That is why you don’t entertain her at all. Porsha should have kept her butt in her seat and quietly plotted with the other ladies to finally give Kenya a piece of her own medicine next season. If they were smart, they would ban together and run that washed up beauty queen off the show. It can be done.

  15. Oh please! No one held a gun to that dummy’s head to hit Kenya. She can go, she was boring anyway. Kenya makes the show! #TeamTwirl

  16. Lol As always even in a situation where she js the victim everyone wants to blame Kenya.. It’s not suprising considering the fact that Kenya gets hated on because other than Cynthia is she the only Attractive lady on the show an is the prettiest, add to that she is a northern girl from the D (Detroit stand up) on a show full of country hoes.. They have hated on Kenya since day one an because she is a D girl an stands up for herself, is blunt an keeps it real she is hated. Yes Kenya talks sh-t but look at how they treat her an talk to her! Any real woman worth her salt would check Phaedra’s hating a-s an NeNe too cause nene has threatened Kenya many times an cut up.. Phaedra hates on K, because she knows if it weren’t for her money Apollo would not be with her.. Lol his body language an attitude shows he is not into her an if Kenya wanted him she could have him an that’s why that old bird is mad.. Porsha has no personality, is frail an is weak as water I highly doubt she beat Kenya’s a-s.. If she did manage to get a lick on her I’m glad Kenya took the high road (instead of kickin her a-s like I know she could)an even happier to see that fake booty broad get the boot..

    1. Country hoes? Jealousy? No wonder you like Kenya, you’re a bitter, classless and nasty chick that thrives off delusion just like your leader. The nerve of you to trash any city when yours is in such bad shape that Kenya had to take her washed up behind to Atlanta (a better city that puts Detroit’s economy to shame) to gain relevancy. No one was checking for her. Atlanta put her on because she won Miss USA over 20 years ago and Hollywood was never sold on her. That’s why she had to resort to reality television because straight to DVD movies don’t pay much.

      All Kenya has is her looks and a title from over 20 years ago. I pity her because she thinks she has a life that makes others jealous, but she really doesn’t. It’s an empty life, just like Kenya is an empty shell. Y’all act like she’s Beyonce, Lupita, Kerry, Rihanna or Michelle Obama…you know beautiful women with real accomplishments that warrant jealousy. No one is jealous of a washed up beauty queen who has to be ratchet on television to pay her bills. Raise your “stanning” standards and at least worship someone with a real life and career. Kenya needs this show so bad that she was willing to risk her image just to keep her spot. She wasn’t smart enough nor talented enough to go the Vanessa Williams route and gain a legitimate acting career. She’s pathetic and she’s on the same level now as everyone else on the show. How embarrassing.

  17. LOL Kenya you got your a -s whooped boo! I knew you were all talk. A real chick with hands wouldn’t let nobody steal off on them and walk away with no licks! I guess your fake booty made getting knocked on your a-s a little better. Next time make sure you at least pinch the b-tch. Welcome to Atlanta hoe where the pretty girls can drag you fake up north sh-t talkers and still be cute. Now get the f-ck out my city, we don’t want you. LMAO!

  18. I’m sorry, didn’t Kenya dare Phaedra and Porsha to fight her on numerous occasions and claim she would beat them down if they did? But when Porsha did come for her, she did nothing? LOL. Girl stop. If Kenya was about that life she would have whooped Porsha’s butt as soon as she bum rushed her. Will the real Kenya Moore please stand up? Her bad acting is starting to catch up to her.

  19. You know I had so much respect for Kenya before she got on the show. I thought she was so beautiful and classy. When I heard she was going to join RHOA, I got really nervous because I believed she was too good for it. But now I see I was greatly mistaken, and she’s just as trashy as all the other reality stars. I can now see why she never had much of an acting career or a fulfilled life. She’s beautiful on the outside but very ugly where it counts (the inside). I won’t be watching next season, it’s very hard to watch Kenya stoop to such lows for a paycheck and reality TV “fame.”

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