Kenya Moore Confirms Porsha Williams Did More Than Pull Hair During Brawl

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

When initial reports claimed Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into a brawl during filming for the reunion show, it was stated by multiple sources that Porsha had pounced on Kenya and hit her repeatedly. But then a day later, it was reported that Porsha didn’t do anything more than pull Kenya’s hair before security intervened.

But now the details are coming straight from Kenya’s mouth, as she can be heard in a call made to 911 telling the dispatcher that Porsha actually hit her in the head multiple times.

When asked by the 911 dispatcher what happened, Kenya says (via TMZ):

“She hit me in my head and uh was fighting me. Hitting me. “

So much for the reports suggesting nothing more than hair pulling went down.


  1. I told y’all that hair pulling story was a lie and damage control from Team Twirl. If all Porsha did was pull hair, Kenya wouldn’t have called the cops. She got her a-s whooped and she’s mad because she didn’t think anyone would do it. Now she knows that if she talks reckless, there’s a possibility someone may hit her upside her head. Tis is life. You run your mouth, someone may shut it for you in the real world. Nobody cares about her being from Detroit.

    1. Well, lets not forget that Kenya is very calculating…. I do feel that Kenya did that to set Porsha up. It was not just Porsha it was for any of them that she could have agitated to the point of no return. She had the bull horn and the septor. The septor was for Nene to let her know that she’s the queen now! So she was very calculating with this. Their contracts state that they can not physically harm one another.

  2. Kenya should sue but I bet she can’t because most networks make people sign contracts that forego suing another cast member or the network for violence.

  3. So all that “I’m from Detroit, I will fight a b-tch” talk meant nothing because she let a Georgia peach tag her head in front of everyone.

  4. BHAHAHAHA! I’m glad this came out Kenya can’t deny that she got a beat down now lol. I am hoping Bravo shows this fight because I can’t wait to see Kenya’s reaction when Porsha hits her. I bet she never thought it would be Porsha to hand her a beat down maybe NeNe but never Porsha that’s what makes this so great.

      1. Yea I do think it is great Kenya got beat up because she deserved it and maybe she won’t be talking reckless and disrespectful to people. Really Phaedra, Porsha,and NeNe could all lay hands on her and would be justified. While you telling me to grow up you need to be telling Kenya that team twirl.

  5. Everyone has a breaking point. That is why you have to be careful how you talk to someone. Some people will eventually snap and molly whop you for being disrespectful. So yeah fighting is wrong, but be prepared for someone to lay hands on you if you talk too much. Kenya hits below the belt so it was just a mater of time before someone hit her in the face.

  6. Kenya has to just take the L. She’s been verbally abusive to Porsha since last season. She had it coming. Sorry.

  7. Oh wow. Well I guess there’s no denying it now. I won’t be surprised if they edit the fight out completely though.

  8. This will be the beginning of Kenya’s downfall. Next season the producers will tear her down just like they did NeNe this season. In reality TV, they build you up to tear you down. None of these women really matter to Bravo. I hope Kenya is ready for her decline. It’s coming and this will be the start of it whether Porsha is fired or not.

  9. This whole situation has Team Twirl in their feelings. The funny thing is they weren’t outraged when Kenya tried to fight Porsha last season or when Kenya threatened to knock Phaedra’s teeth out while she was pregnant. And why weren’t they concerned when Kenya had a gun and talked about shooting the other housewives? The hypocrisy with Team Twirl is sickening. Kenya got what she deserved, just be thankful that she didn’t get it as bad as she could have. Nonetheless, I hope Kenya and Porsha learned from this. Kenya needs to watch her mouth and Porsha needs to watch her hands.

  10. So that’s that. Obviously Porsha did more than pull hair. I guess she’s trying to go out with a bang if she’s going to be fired.

  11. It should have been Phaedra that put the beat down on her because that was foul how she stepped to Phaedra s husband.

  12. maybe Kenya should not have been set calling so when she got her a-s beat it would not have been so bad for her. I hope they keep Kenya on the show so I can see how many other cast members will give her another a-s beat down.

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