Watch: NeNe Leakes Says Kenya Moore Should Be Fired, Clowns Her ‘Fake’ Booty

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you earlier that it’s been rumored all of the housewives were teaming up to save Porsha Williams from being fired from Bravo, and it appears NeNe may have just confirmed that to TMZ.

The website caught up with NeNe and her hubby Gregg as they were leaving a restaurant the other night and when NeNe was asked her if she thinks Kenya Moore should press charges on Porsha, NeNe says:

“Kenya is stupid. She needs to fix her fake booty.

“They need to kick Kenya off with her dumb self.

“She (Porsha) shouldn’t get kicked off.  What they need to do is kick Kenya’s fake booty off.”



Check out the video below:


  1. NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha, Kandi and Cynthia should turn the tables on Kenya and give her a dose of her own medicine. Kenya likes to hit below the belt and speak on things she knows will hurt, they should do the same and bring up her mommy issues. I’d love to see how she handles that. I bet she will cry victim as usual.

    1. She won’t be able to handle it but she expects everyone else to be able to handle the verbal abuse she gives them.

    2. Yeah I agree. I don’t think Kenya will understand that she goes too far unless she is put in that position and sees what it feels like. I bet her and her fans will cry foul but none of them cared when Kenya was being hurtful to everyone else. I fully expect everyone to team up and get even next season. And I bet the producers will encourage it. Kenya thinks she’s the queen but she’s just a pawn like all the others and her feelings won’t be spared.

  2. The funny thing is NeNe would say every word of this to Kenya’s face. But Kenya has to wait until she’s on Twitter to get bold. The only people she trashes in person are Porsha and Phaedra. And now that Porsha has popped her, she will probably only take shots at Phaedra in person now. Kenya is a coward. All bark and no bite.

  3. Oh please. Those NJ bishes get into real, all punches thrown BRAWLS. And none of them have been fired. Kenya gets popped in the head a few times and now violence is a problem for Bravo? Whatever. They better bring Porsha back.

    1. Porsha will be back honey. Kenya needs an enemy and Porsha is perfect for it. I can see Kemya making a diss track about it.

  4. I can’t stand Nene or Kenya’s mental a-s but one thing I will admit is Nene has a big personality. She’s just interesting and funny to me. Kenya is boring unless she is causing havoc with other people. She’s overrated and needs to go.

  5. I don’t know how many times we have to see this go down, but Kenya’s antics may be helping the show now, but they will be hurting the show later. Sooner or later people get tired of the mean girl who causes problems with everyone and the ratings will tank. It happened with Basketball Wives (Tami, Evelyn) and it will happen to RHOA.It just gets old after a while.

  6. They won’t fire Kenya until they can ruin her like they are doing with NeNe. It just makes for good TV.

  7. F-ck it. I’m just going to give my two cents and keep it moving. The truth is this show has been ruined by Kenya Moore. With the original cast, the women actually knew each other and they had real beefs because they were actually friends. And none of them were scared of Nene. And when they had a falling out, it was never anything this low down. This show is just ratchet as hell now. Kenya will say whatever and it’s just crazy to me. I’m glad Porsha kicked her butt because she needs it and more. But Bravo thinks they struck gold because of the ratings, but the truth is they are losing their original fans for the L&HH crowd. And that crowd has a short attention span. Look at how L&HHNY fell off. L&HHATL is next. And the same thing will happen with RHOA. And I can’t wait to hear Kenya’s excuse when her crown won’t be able to save the sinking ship she caused.

  8. They need to get Kenya’s fake no man, no career, no family/friends having self off the damn show. She’s running it into the ground!

  9. Oh no, they should keep Kenya. I’m going to enjoy Nene and everyone else clowning her about that a-s kicking she just got.

  10. Its crazy how the tables havr turned. NeNe is better than Kenya. Looked how she taunted Kim and Sharee. NeNe is a hypocrit and because ppl hate Kenya so bad they seem to forget NeNe was the queen of messy and fake.

    1. Girl have a seat. People don’t have to like Kenya, just like no one has to like NeNe. It’s called having a preference and to some of us (me included), Kenya is messier than NeNe has ever been. She has no boundaries and that is clear from her first season on the show. But riddle me this, why does Team Twirl care so much about us not liking Kenya? Y’all are pressed. It’s not that serious. Like who you like and stop worrying about who doesn’t agree. LOL.

  11. Nene speaketh the truth. I saw the pics. 1990’s Kenya was all back. 2000’s Kenya bought an azz down Mexico way.

  12. Lol…nene has fake teeth, boobs & wears a blonde toupe!!! She’s NEEDS an entire body & face reconstruction!

  13. Did everyone JUST ignore the fact that NENE is hair is fake and her teeth are fake??? SELECTIVE MEMORY OK

  14. NeNe has always been honest about her plastic surgery though. She has said on numerous occasions she has fake teeth, hair, got a nose job and even more work done on her face. She’s not ashamed of it. Kenya is the one who won’t admit she’s had any work done, not even that lumpy booty of hers. It’s ok though. She gets that most of her fans are just as delusional as her so they won’t care anyway. #shrugs

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