Fans Sue Beyonce

Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce will reportedly pocket around $53 million from her Mrs. Carter World Tour, but it appears two of her own fans want a piece of her tour earnings.

According to multiple reports, two women are suing Beyonce, Live Nation and The United Center because they were trampled at one of the singer’s concerts.

The fans claim they bought two general admission tickets for a December 13 show, and the tickets granted them standing room in front of the stage. They even claim they arrived hours before the show just to make sure they would be able to stand right in front of the stage once the concert started.

In the suit, the fans state that hours before the show started, general admission ticket holders and early admission ticket holders began to stand around the two gated areas closet to the southeast corner to the United Center. Apparently the crowd began to get very large and anxious before Beyonce appeared, and both women were trampled and left unconscious with broken bones when a rush mob formed.

Beyonce’s camp hasn’t responded to the lawsuit as of yet.


  1. These fans are dumb. It’s not Beyonce’s job to make sure people don’t get trampled, it’s the venue’s job. They won’t get a dime from her.

  2. Dumb lawsuit. Beyonce shouldn’t even be held responsible for this, hell neither should Live Nation. This is all on the venue.

  3. I can see suing the United Center, but you can’t blame Beyonce for this. She’s only responsible for performing. That’s it.

  4. Why are the fans suing Beyonce? You are suppose to sue the venue which is the United Center. They aren’t true Bey fans obviously.

  5. I doubt anyone from the BeyHive would ever sue Beyonce. This had to be the doings of her undercover stans…the same bitter ones that like to talk ish about her on blogs but still buy her music and attend her concerts just to complain. They are delusional enough to try to sue Bey for something she has no control of.

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