Nick Cannon Says Mariah Carey is Furious He Talks About His Exes in Interviews

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just days after Nick Cannon caught lots of backlash for revealing all the famous women he slept with before he married Mariah Carey, it now appears that Nick may have to stop speaking on his bachelor days. According to Nick, Mariah has expressed she doesn’t appreciate him speaking about who he had “relations” with before he became a married man in his interviews.

He tells Howard Stern:

“When we bring up other people’s names, and I understand why…I got in a lot of trouble and I got to stop talking about my past.

“I did apologize for hurting her feelings. I did apologize for being insensitive.”


  1. Nick just does all this for attention. I’m not sure why is Mariah not giving him enough attention at home?

  2. I don’t blame Mariah for getting into Nick’s behind. I mean she is MARIAH CAREY he chooses to keep talking about Kim Kartrashian. She is probably offended. I would be offended as well. Mariah needs to withhold the cookie for a week. He got filet mignon and he keep talking about spam. This kinda behavior is unacceptable do better Nick!

    1. “This is one of the drawbacks of being married to an IMMATURE man. Good luck with that Mariah.” Fixed that for you. lol

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