Chanel Iman & ASAP Rocky Engaged?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Supermodel Chanel Iman and rapper ASAP Rocky are still going strong, and the couple is reportedly preparing to take the next step in their relationship.

According to reports, the rapper proposed recently and Chanel happily accepted.

Page Six writes:

Top model Chanel Iman is secretly engaged to rapper A$AP Rocky, sources exclusively tell Page Six. We are told that while she happily accepted his proposal, the pair are keeping it quiet for the moment.



This news comes just weeks after Chanel and NFL star Colin Kaepernick were photographed together acting very friendly on the beach, and fueling rumors that she had ended her romance with ASAP.

Neither Chanel Iman nor ASAP Rocky have addressed the reports, so as for now we’re just going to label this news as gossip. The model hasn’t even been spotted rocking a ring yet either, so we’ll wait and see if Chanel confirms anything or posts any photos of her engagement ring soon like most celebs usually do.


    1. That’s usually how it always is though. It’s up to women to stop giving men like this one second chances. Now why the hell would you get engaged to a man who didn’t get serious about you until he saw you get attention from another man? That’s dumb. And it also means she will have to play more games later because he will get out of line again. I also noticed that he just started claiming her on Instagram. Just now. Smh.

  1. I think she can do better. This is the same rapper who socked that woman at his concert for grabbing his shirt right? Yeah, he’s a real winner (sarcasm).

  2. I haven’t been feeling ASAP after his whole comments about dark skinned black women not being able to wear red lipstick and him assaulting two women recently. But if she likes it…

  3. I just don’t see what women see in this man. He’s been violent to other women and he looks like a black woman to me with all that hair. I honestly thought Chanel would settle down with some rich business man and have some kids when she was ready to retire from the catwalk. I never thought she’d go for a rapper who is already on his 12th minute of 15 minute fame.

  4. I’m disappointed. I was hoping she had moved on to Colin and had finally ridded herself of ASAP. He’s a woman beater and she is really downgrading here.

  5. She just needs to make sure she gets him to sign a prenup because his rap career has already fizzled out a lot.

  6. I agree that she can do better but if she doesn’t want to, that is her right. I just hope she is smart enough to make sure to get a prenup because I don’t think ASAP will ever have as much money as she does.

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