Change of Heart: Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Wants to Divorce Cheating Husband

Photo Credit: WEtv
Photo Credit: WEtv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tina Campbell divorce in the works? Mary Mary singer Tina Campbell made headlines recently when she actually took most of the blame for her husband Teddy cheating on her. She also made it clear that she wanted to work things out and stay together, but now that Teddy revealed that he has actually had multiple affairs with multiple women, Tina appears to have had a change of heart.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Tina says to her sister Erica:

“Since then, I’ve found out about more and I don’t want to hold onto somebody who I can not trust…You see, I have been trying, since the very beginning…You gon’ keep adding people? You gon’ keep adding people? I thought we had a good life just like everybody else watching! I thought we was the ideal relationship just like everybody else. And I got to find out in front of the whole God dang world that all of my life was a lie? And you want me to quote scriptures right now? I’ve never kissed another man. I never went out with another man….I never cheated in my head…You stole my life away from me. I’m angry! Why you gotta do this to me man, I was good to you. I was good to you! I don’t want him. I don’t want him. I don’t want him. He don’t deserve me.”



Check out the clip below:


    1. Lord what a mess! It is not customary that I would suggest divorce to anyone, however, when you have a person who has cheated on his wife with multiple women including a rumor of a baby on the way by one of his mistress, I can ONLY suggest divorce. Tina would NEVER be able to trust his fidelity and loyalty to her. Teddy has broken her heart and his vows to God to love, cherish, and protect her from all hurt and danger. Tina move on!

  1. She should have held off on taking the blame and I would not be on tv going through this…ain’t no way.

  2. This is why so many of us were upset about her blaming herself for Teddy’s cheating. It’s simple. People cheat because they want to cheat! No one can be blamed for the actions of another when it comes to relationships. Everything is a choice. I just hate that her sister is telling her to stay just because she stayed when her husband cheated. That’s terrible advice.

  3. She ain’t going nowhere. MaryMary has gone down fast this reality show has really messed them up. Notice Erica said she been through it but her and Warryn like to walk around like they are the perfect couple.

  4. I’m glad she’s mad now. She needs to leave. That man has no respect for her or their marriage. She’s human and sometimes we just have to admit that the marriage just isn’t working. Time to go Tina.

  5. Smh. It’s sad that some of these women think they have to stay married to cheating husbands just because they are Christian. It’s just stupid to me.

  6. Wow really Erica?! So you think just because you stayed after your husband cheated your sister should do the same?! Girl stop!

  7. That was hard to watch because it’s just sort of weird to see gospel singers doing the absolute most on a reality show. But back on topic, I would really hope Tina sits back and looks at the situation for what it is. If a man has cheated on you numerous times, with numerous women…the marriage is already over. She needs to walk away and start fresh in her life. I have a feeling he’s still cheating too.

  8. This is why I questioned why she was trying to take all the blame. And I remember someone got on here and was all in their feelings talking about we don’t understand how hard marriage is and blah, blah, blah. No, I’m not married, but I know that it’s not a good sign for any marriage if a man has stepped outside the union multiple times to sleep with other women. That’s huge red flag and I don’t think the marriage can be saved unless Tina does like her sister and decides she can accept his cheating. That’s a weak thing to do but that’s how someone cope with it. They just accept it and turn the other way.

    1. Everybody has something to say it’s her life if she wants to stay married o we’ll if she can’t dill with it then move on. And the main one’s talking about it couldn’t be them how do they know a man is going to be a man. She is not the first and she not the last Erica said she went through it and forgave her husband they doing good just because he done it multiple times and told her how do we know Erica husband haven’t done it multiple times only God can judge. And cheating been around for ages this is nothing new

      1. A man is going to be a man? No sis, a boy is going to be a boy. A man knows how to control what’s in his pants. I don’t understand any woman who associates something as childish and selfish as cheating with being a man. Nope, sorry, that’s not the actions of a man. Cheating is what boys do. But whether or not Tina stays with him or not makes me no difference. It’s not MY life. And no, it couldn’t be me because I don’t need a husband or man to validate my life, so I’m less likely to stay in a bad marriage like Tina. But to each its own.

  9. That was raw emotion right there but I don’t think she should be sharing all of this for a reality show. Just saying…

  10. I wish she would leave his trifling a-s but I know better. She will stay and her sister will encourage her too. Smh.

  11. It’s a shame how much hurt her husband is putting her though. He’s very selfish and I honestly don’t feel he deserves a second chance. When a man cheats to that extent, they are over the relationship, so I don’t understand why Tina is still holding on. She should file for divorce and peacefully co parent with hubby. There’s no need in being miserable just to keep up a phony image like her sister is doing.

  12. Erica and Tina are sad to me. Both of them are staying with these cheating and lousy men, and sending the wrong message to other Christian women. I can never look at them the same after this.

    1. Some people change. I don’t know the story of Erica and her husband, but people do change. Not excusing ANYONE for cheating because there’s no excuse just like there’s no excuse for doing a lot of stuff, but people mess up and do wrong things anyway. Some people actually learn from their mistakes. I don’t think it’s stupid if a person stays with someone who messed up once. But Tina’s husband on the other hand is a habitual line stepper. After all that, I wouldn’t want him either, and I dang sho’ wouldn’t blame myself. People can be so unforgiving though. Sometimes people genuinely messed up. Ain’t nobody perfect even though those in Christ SHOULD be striving to be like Him…

  13. He’s not worth all these tears Tina. I promise you. Staying with him for the sake of the kids isn’t a smart choice. You deserve better.

  14. I feel her pain!! Okay Teddy pisses me off hell get up and hold your wife, cry too, say you sorry like you mean it, hold her instead of just sitting there with that sad puppy dog face like your the victim!!!!!

  15. You know how many months ago this show rapped up taping? That’s how she felt THEN not NOW. When asked now about her marriage she continues to say they are either “Working on it” or are a “Work in progress”

  16. I love this reality show. I was always a Mary Mary fan and this show has made me love them even more. I’ll tell you why. These people are humans just like the rest of us. Never proclaiming to be perfect. Some people say this is not a good look for them. Why? I think it is. It shows that no matter who you are you will go through your trials and tribulations. When those times come you have to rely on the Lord. What Tina is going through is helping another woman right now who is going through the same situation. None of us are exempt from the harsh realities of life. The only difference between believers and non believers is the believers can get on their knees and pray about it.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with the show. I, personally, would not want all my business to be aired out on TV for entertainment purposes. People are so quick to send discard peopple for trash. So many don’t understand forgiveness. I don’t agree or condone Tina’s husband by any means, and I personally believe I would divorce him after the habitual cheating. All I can say to others is be glad it’s not their relationship and that they are not dealing with the issue, as ppl tend to forget their not perfect

  17. im like does she think being a christian doesnot subject her to an not so perfect christian lifr? ok if she proclaims to be christian, i feel teddy wasnt. and i dont care how christian you feel you are,in this day and age, there is no real perfect christian life. even preachers and pastors and priests and reverends and even nuns are fornicating. go figure. smh

    1. there are still sincere, genuine people who are after God’s own heart, but of course that will NEVER be shown on TV. But yes, too many are taking their walk as a joke.

  18. Who are we to judge whatever makes her happy cheating is nothing new people this been going on forever people the same people that’s saying it couldn’t be them God can turn it around and it will be them!!!!

    1. Girl goodbye. Not every woman is willing to stay with a cheating husband. And that’s our right. Tina can do whatever she wants, and we can have our opinions about it. Deal.

  19. He is a low down dirty dog he just did a little bit too much he is just nasty. Tina stay strong do what is best for you and by putting your testimony out the way you did I hope that it is helping and building you back up to be a stronger women and I do believe you are helping other women who is going through this same situation believe me it is a lot of us who been threw it and is going threw it keep your head up

  20. What a mess! It is not customary that I suggest divorce to anyone, but in this case, I don’t think it’s an option. It would be difficult for Tina to ever trust her husband in the same way, prior to this discretion. I do believe that we as Christian must have a forgiving heart, however, with Teddy cheating on her multiple times, puts this marriage in a vulnerable and dangerous position. It is my opinion (and only my opinion), that Tiny remove herself from the situation, until she is able to make a decision based on her belief in God, and her strength to leave or stay in her marriage.

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