French Montana Gets Called out by Wife Amid Khloe Kardashian Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Khloe Kardashian isn’t even officially divorced from Lamar Odom yet, but she’s been linked to several different celebs since separating from the former NBA star. But now reports suggest she may be getting serious with rapper French Montana.

However, French Montana is actually a married man and his estranged wife claims he actually left her and their child as soon as his career started to take off.

Deen Kharbouch gives a warning to Khloe and tells Life & Style:

“She has to be careful. Things are not what they seem.

“He and I worked together to put him where he is.

“As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn’t exist. He practically abandoned us. Sometimes we won’t hear from him for two or three months.”



Interestingly enough, we told you a few weeks ago that the rumor mill was suggesting Khloe had a budding romance with Rick Ross, but a little birdie tells us that whole situation was nothing more than a publicity stunt. So only time will tell if this is also just another stunt as well.


  1. Khloe tries so hard to be just like Kim it’s pathetic. And of course she always picks the bottom of the barrel when it comes to her men. Out of all the rappers, French Montana? Really? How embarrassing.

  2. Gross. French Montana is on his last 15 minutes and can’t be all that if he left his wife and kid the way he did. Khloe has the worst taste in men. But I guess she’s so desperate to be like Kim that it really doesn’t matter.

  3. This is just another publicity stunt. Kris Jenner and co are trying their hardest to make Khloe seem like she is desirable but the truth is she’s really not. That is why she can’t ever get A list people to look her direction. Even Kim was on her last 2 minutes and had to settle for Kanye.

  4. His wife doesn’t even need to give Khloe a warning. Khloe doesn’t care how French Montana treats his kid as long as he is keeping her relevant in the press. That’s the only thing she and her family care about. Money and fame.

  5. I’m pretty sure Khloe doesn’t care about his wife and child. That’s not how the Kardashians are wired.

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