Michelle Williams Doesn’t Understand Destiny’s Child & Beyonce Friendship Fascination

Photo Credit: J&R Music World
Photo Credit: J&R Music World

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams literally clapped back on Twitter after #PoorMichelle became a trending topic and in a new interview she makes it clear that she doesn’t understand why folks are still fascinated with Destiny’s Child and why there’s some obsession about her relationship with Beyonce.

She tells TIME:

“It seems to be a mystery, or a wonder, like, if we’re still friends or something. And I always wonder, what is the fascination? This is a genuine question.

“Well, I’m so sorry to report—breaking news! We have very boring lives as far as that’s concerned. And once again, to even play off the Playtex campaign, to show togetherness and unity, you don’t have to be catty, you don’t have to be mean, you can support one another.

“I’m just curious, like, we [Destiny’s Child] haven’t had an album out in 10 years. I’m just still wondering the fascination. And I’m not being mean or smart. That is a real question. Like, really?”




She then goes on to say that she understands it’s a compliment that people are still interested in the hit girl group, but she’s over people being so obsessed with their very much in tact friendships with one another.


  1. I completely understand where’s she is coming from. People just hope and pray that she ends up hating Beyonce just because they do. It’s really childish and sad.

    1. You said it all sis. That’s really what this is about. People want Michelle and Kelly to hate Beyonce just as much as they do. But it’s not going to happen because these girls love Beyonce and they genuinely all love and support each other. It’s something we don’t see enough of in the real world. A lot of women are so mean to each other for no reason, so when some of us refuse the status quo, it’s just something people find hard to believe.

  2. I don’t get it either. What do people expect to happen? They aren’t going to fall out with Beyonce. Let it go.

  3. I feel so bad for her and Kelly sometimes. People always have to ask them about Beyonce like they don’t have their own careers too. It’s just insulting. But I’m glad they are all still close regardless of how stupid people can be.

  4. Well this is what happens when you’re a member of one of the most successful girl groups of all time, which happened to be led by one of the most successful solo artists of all time.

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