Destiny’s Child Star Michelle Williams Politely Checks Robyn Dixon

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Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon were surprised by the success of their podcast.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant have found success with their “Reasonably Shady” podcast. And while they are thankful for all the support they have been receiving, their podcast has still produced some drama and controversial moments as well. As we reported, Robyn admitted on the podcast that Juan Dixon had an inappropriate relationship with another woman. And what started off as an Instagram DM exchange turned into him paying for her hotel room when she visited DC. However, Robyn said Juan denied that he slept with the woman. According to Juan, he paid for the room because she lost her wallet at the hotel’s casino. But she was supposedly dating someone who played for the Baltimore Ravens. So he was just being nice.

The woman later denied that she was dating a football player. She also alleged that she came to DC to see Juan only. And Juan wasn’t being honest with Robyn. Regardless, the situation caused Robyn to slow down on remarrying Juan. But she said they have since worked things out. So she would only divulge more on her Patreon account.

Many RHOP fans took issue with Robyn’s actions. They questioned why she didn’t share any of this on the show. When Robyn appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” she told Andy Cohen there was no need to bring it up on RHOP because they had already moved past that situation. And they are married now.

Michelle Williams and Robyn Dixon had an interesting exchange.

Well, Robyn and Gizelle may have had another controversial moment thanks to their “Reasonably Shady” podcast. According to the Brough Chat, the reality stars participated in the Black Effect Podcast Festival panel with Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams. Michelle has her own podcast, entitled “Check In with Michelle Williams.”

Apparently, one of the topics discussed was criticism surrounding Chloe Bailey’s album sales. Her critics think the sales are too low and Beyonce should have promoted the album since Chloe is on her Parkwood Entertainment label.

Gizelle disagreed with this thought. She said, “If she did continuously support, support and support people would then say Chloe is not where she is on her own. And it will be all because Beyonce is supporting and Beyonce is pushing. No. Chloe is where she is on her own.”

Michelle has the same thinking, “It’s kind of two sorted here because had Beyonce promoted it, everybody would be like, ‘That’s unfair! You got her promoting!’ And then you feel like she didn’t do enough. She’s on her label. People know her music. She’s on a sold-out tour. So I had to throw that out there. Why is that such a big deal?”

She concluded, “I think it’s because it was Beyonce.”

Robyn thinks the criticism is valid, “Of course! Why wouldn’t she promote her or support her?”

Michelle wasn’t having it, “Who said she didn’t?! Who said she didn’t support?!”

Robyn asked, “Right. Did she? Do we know?”

And Michelle once again responded, “Who said she did not support?!”

Chloe Bailey’s career is in better shape than people realize, according to Michelle Williams.

Michelle went on to say that Beyonce is more involved than people realize but Chloe can hold her own, “She’s very involved in helping people creatively. Now Chloe can write. She makes her own beats herself.”

She continued, “She does have a sold-out tour. And I think sometimes, sometimes seeing stuff live in person helps a person say, “I gotta cop that album.’ So you’re obviously a fan of hers if her tour is sold out. Her very first one is sold out. And you make more money on tours and merch than album sales anyway.”

Michelle also pointed out that Destiny’s Child didn’t need any help, “Destiny’s Child put in the work. There was nobody really endorsing and putting us on. Destiny’s Child worked for everything which I think equates to the longevity of the group and us being able to…me being able to be up here solo-wise with y’all. So hard work does that. Chloe’s gonna be fine.”

Robyn agreed and went on to say that Chloe is very talented so she’ll be fine. And Michelle said that a commitment to hard work is essential, “Hard work keeps us here.”


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  1. I love me some Michelle. Back on topic, I enjoyed this exchange. I learned something and I get why Rihanna stopped doing music. If selling albums doesn’t bring in a lot of money, why obsess over the numbers so much? Anyway, Chloe and Halle are both doing big things and making a lot of money. I’d say Beyonce is doing a great job. She barely promotes herself anyway.

  2. Beyonce was going to get backlash regardless because that’s what her haters have been doing since the 90s. Halle is doing big budget movies and Chloe is making bank on tour. I doubt they have any complaints. People just like chatting on the internet about dumb sh-t. I didn’t know Michelle has a podcast. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  3. The main people dragging Beyonce weren’t going to support Chloe anyway. I agree, she’ll be fine and she’s already more successful than her critics. I hope Robyn is this opinionated and vocal about her own affairs next season.

  4. I don’t like that people are trying to instigate problems between Beyonce and Chloe. Stop trying to pit black women against each other! This isn’t housewives Robyn! Great job Michelle and Gizelle!

    1. 1000 p/c agree with Michelle. ROBIN you need to be concerned about JUAN DIXON and who his P-CKER where his p the dumbest woman on TV

  5. Yeah, Robyn and her selfish, 2 faced a$$, need to be worried about what her roaming husband is doing, the dullest person on RHOP. Please don’t bring her back!!


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