Watch: Fight Breaks out During Love and Hip Hop LA Filming over Ray J

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ray J Love and Hip Hop spinoff confirmed? We told you months ago that Mona Scott Young was working on bringing “Love and Hip Hop LA” to the small screen, and she was hoping Ray J would be the star of the spinoff. However, reports later claimed that Ray J had turned down the role to focus on his other endeavors, but it appears that he may have had a change of heart.

In fact, TMZ obtained footage of a brawl that took place during filming recently, and apparently it was all over Ray J.

Ray J is currently dating one of Floyd Mayweather’s former side chicks, Princess Love, and apparently she and Ray J’s old flame Teairra Mari got into a fight after some words were exchanged.

TMZ writes:

Sources close to production tell us Princess demanded to know why Teairra was with her man … and also claimed she saw photos of them together.

We’re told Teairra simply said, “I don’t care” … and then it was on … with Princess throwing the first punch.



Check out video of the drama below:


    1. LOL. There will be at least three more spinoffs made before the madness ends. In my opinion, the only one worth watching is ATL.

  1. So Ray J has nothing better to do with his life. I guess. Anyway, both of these ladies are dumb to be fighting over Ray J out of all people. That’s just sad.

  2. So Ray is going to be on the show. Now this could get interesting. As annoying as he is, I do think he’s messy enough to make this show entertaining.

  3. I won’t be watching this trash. I’ll be glad when Mona Scott Young sits her behind down somewhere and stops pimping out grown people for that VH1 money. All of them are idiots.

  4. These people are getting paid pennies to act like ghetto trash while Mona and VH1 make millions off of them. They can’t even see how badly they are being pimped out. This can’t be life.

  5. Over Ray J though? I know times are hard and both of them need that check but this is beyond desperate. Even Kim K understood that one is supposed to upgrade from Ray J, not fight over him.

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