BBWLA Reunion Host Confirms Draya & Not Malaysia Gave Sundy Carter a Black Eye

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sundy Carter took a verbal beatdown from Twitter when she was seen on a recent episode of BBWLA rocking a black eye after getting into a physical confrontation with Draya, but she later told folks on Twitter that it was actually Malaysia Pargo that gave her the mark.

According to Sundy, Draya and Malaysia actually jumped her and she also posted video of the fight in backwards motion to Instagram to prove her point, although many called her out for trying to use backwards filming to make Malaysia out to be the true culprit.

But now the actual host of the BBWLA reunion show, John Salley, says he actually saw the unedited footage and Draya was the one who punched Sundy in the eye and left her with the bruise. He says Sundy has the footage too despite fronting on Twitter.

He tells The Breakfast Club:

“I saw the full joint. It was straight up Draya. Sundy’s mom and sister have the video on their phone when she was being held and pulled away and Draya slipped around and socked her in the eye, and so they got who socked her in the eye.”


  1. LOL we already knew Sundy was lying. She’s just embarrassed that it was Draya out of all people that socked her. Hilarious!

    1. Believe it or not, some people actually believed her struggle story. It’s mainly people who can’t stand Draya though.

  2. I wanted Draya to punch Chantel and her crazy a-s momma in the face though. Those broads are crazy as hell.

  3. Sundy just needs to go ahead and take the L. Draya definitely had her looking real dumb. Maybe next time she will actually back up all that trash she talks.

  4. I don’t know about everyone else, but growing up usually the person who talks the most junk loses the fight. Sundy said a lot of nothing and when it came down to it she was the only one with a bruise. That’s exactly what she gets.

  5. Everybody knew it was Draya gave Sundy a black eye she deserved talking about somebody child. Sundy is trying to convince herself. But I am so sick of everybody that has to do with BBWLA. Everybody got their come up on this show by laying on their back. Nobody is better than anyone in my opinion. Please cancel this struggle show vh1.

  6. Yeah I kind of figured Sundy was lying. I guess she was just embarrassed that Draya popped her in the eye. She thought Draya was weak and she wasn’t expecting things to go down the way it did. The same thing happened with Kenya and Porsha. Kenya never thought Porsha would snap and attack her the way she did.

  7. Who didn’t know this wack heifer was lying? She didn’t start saying Malaysia hit her until one of her three fans told her that on Twitter.

  8. At this point I’m convinced that even when faced with the evidence that Draya punched the hell out of her, Sundy will deny, deny, deny.

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