Peter Thomas Still Furious over Being Called a B*tch by NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Gregg and NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas may have appeared to make peace on RHOA after NeNe called Peter a b*tch, but none of that really meant anything. In fact, NeNe hinted on her Twitter account days ago that her friendship with Cynthia is over and she even unfollowed her on Twitter too.

But now Peter is giving a full interview about the situation and he says NeNe’s “loud” mouth is hurting her career.

Peter writes via Upscale Magazine:

Her insults continued in her Housewives’ confessionals and spurred the creation of several memes and caricatures of me in drag, and in the cast lineup alongside the ladies holding my own peach (the signature logo for the Atlanta housewives franchise). Most were hilarious, and pretty damn creative I might add. Yet, these images were born from my friend’s harsh insult and attempt at emasculating me.

Nene’s used to being loud, wild and obnoxious. That’s what’s made her famous I assume. But it’s also what’s making her unlikeable to so many. She’s gone from dancing on the pole in hood strip clubs to Dancing With The Stars on television screens worldwide, and that’s simply phenomenal. I am proud of the trajectory she is on. However, I am very disappointed in my friend’s inability to accept responsibility for her actions. And let me be clear, Nene won’t be great until she can admit when she is wrong.

Friends should be able to provide constructive criticism of one another, especially when it is coming from a very good place. Attacking each other only leads to hard feelings and hard falls.




Interestingly enough, Peter has said on numerous occasions via his Twitter account that he meddles in the affairs of the housewives because it’s good for ratings and it’s also being rumored that Peter is pushing for his own spinoff show as well.


  1. Peter can have a stadium of seats. He’s not very likable himself. He is the only man on that show who acts like he holds a peach. I do not understand why Cynthia even married this man.

  2. He’s only saying this now because him and Cynthia plan to ride Kenya’s coattails now. They are nothing more than opportunists. They befriend whoever they believe can keep them on the show at the time.

  3. Nene called you a b-tch because you act like a b-tch. You don’t even have your own money. All you do is spend Cynthia’s money on terrible business ideas.

  4. Peter and Cynthia are Team Twirl now. They think NeNe is on her last 15 so they jumped ship. As soon as they realize NeNe still has plenty of minutes left, they will come crawling right back to her. I hope she won’t fall for it.

  5. I’m so over Peter. He knows he’s being extra but he keeps on pretending what NeNe said holds no truth. Maybe it was a little too extreme to call him the B word, but he’s’ definitely overstepping his boundaries this season.

  6. If they are firing Porsha because she’s boring, they need to fire Cynthia’s dry a-s. Yes, Peter is messy but she shouldn’t be able to be boring and rely on her husband to keep her spot on the show. They need to go. I’m tired of them.

  7. The thing I don’t get is that Peter is basically saying he has ever right to speak his mind about NeNe’s actions at Kenya’s even,t but she doesn’t have a right to have an opinion about how he feels. That’s dumb. Just like he wants to speak his truth, NeNe has every right to do the same.

  8. Whatever. He’s just vying for a spin-off show. Honestly, I’m really becoming quite bored with all this drama recently and the show is no longer entertaining to me. I’m not sure I will tune in next season.

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