Watch: Outkast Reunites at Coachella & Performs Classic Hits

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Decatur, Georgia girl in me was completely overjoyed this morning to watch Outkast reunite and perform their classics in front of a huge crowd at Coachella.

Big Boi and Andre 3000 both looked great on the stage together and the more and more classics they performed, the more I and many others began wishing that this would somehow lead to a new studio album. But as we have learned already when it comes to Outkast, it’s imperative not to hold our breath.

My only complaints are the crowd wasn’t worthy and the group wasn’t even able to perform their last song due to time issues. I mean their mics were literally turned off before they could even finish their set. Considering that Outkast are legends, one would think they would reunite in front of a more enthusiastic crowd who actually appreciates their music and mics wouldn’t be cut off before the final song. They got lots of love on social media though, so I guess that levels things out.

Regardless, the performance was everything a fan could have hoped for, so check it out below if you missed it:


  1. I was so mad at that wack crowd man…ugh! But I sure did get up this morning and played the hell out of some Outkast. That performance just reminded me of how amazing their catalogue of work really is. Legends!

  2. They disrespected Outkast. The crowd was terrible and they shouldn’t cut off their mics the way they did. I really don’t even understand why they wanted to do Coachella. That aint their crowd.

  3. The crowd had no idea who Outkast was apparently or just didn’t care. But money talks, so that’s why I’m sure they signed on to do Coachella. I wish they would have just did their own tour and had the first show in Atlanta. The crowd would have been much more appreciative.

  4. This is why I wasn’t happy about them doing Coachella. The people that go to Coachelle every year don’t appreciate real Hip Hop. They were all excited to see Lorde’s old looking, non singing a-s tho. That girl looks like she’s in her 50s. #shrugs

  5. Decatur huh? I see you UB. But yeah, it was weird to see the crowd not be as hype as everyone else was on Twitter. In my mind, Outkast are Hip Hop legends and they should have had the appropriate crowd for their 20 year anniversary. And at some points of the show, you could tell 3 Stacks was annoyed with the crowd. It’s like they just wanted to hear Hey Ya and that’s it. I noticed they got hype for Future though. Damn shame.

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