Nelly Reveals Current Relationship Status with Ashanti & Tae Heckard

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Nelly and Ashanti back together? If you have been keeping tabs on the social media back and forth drama that has been taking place between Ashanti, Nelly and Tae Heckard, then you probably already know that Nelly’s relationship status has been pretty hard to keep up with.

In fact, one month he appeared to break things off with Tae and began hanging back out with Ashanti just in time for the release of her “Braveheart” album, but she revealed during a recent interview that they weren’t quite back together but it was possible.

Then sometime last week Nelly made Tae his #WCW but she’s confirmed that she’s actually dating NBA player (and ex to Teyana Taylor) Brandon Jennings.

So Nelly has decided to address his current relationship status and clear up the confusion.

He posted the following on Instagram earlier today:

are nelly and ashanti back together 2014


  1. I don’t see why they deal with him. He has commitment issues and his career has been stale for the last several years.

  2. Nelly no one cares but Ashanti. For some reasons she actually thinks you’re worth chasing and wasting years for.

  3. I used to think Nelly was so fine back in his big time days but now he just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Then add to the fact that he can’t seem to commit to anyone…just ugh.

  4. Omg lol…childish….damn mear 40 and doing ish like this…unstable love life, immature as hell. A Real man doesnt play silly a-s games like he does. Ashanti you are drop dead gorgeous, let somebody else deal w his immature a-s, a real man commits to One woman, not play games and sh-t. A-s gone be 50 still playing damn games

    1. Wow iam glad to hear tae&ashanti has finally got off nelly’s merry go round and left the playground ashanti need start back dating desean jackson anybody but nelly real talk

  5. Ashanti the man playing games plenty good men would love to commit and have the family u want nelly has embarrassed u so worthy Stop. Ashanti live a healthy life he’s rotten nelly is stop wasting yo time

  6. Ashanti can have any man that she wants. She is beautiful and hardworking. She should go for the best and leave Nelly with his stale career in the past.

  7. Remember, a man can only do what a woman let him do to her. It’s easy to speak on someone else relationship because you’re not in it. Neither one of these young ladies are stupid…this is a part of life. If you don’t go through it, how would a person know? Experience is the best teacher! Nelly is fine @ hell and both women are gorgeous, they liked what they seen, I’m quit sure many have seen someone they were attracted to and they turned out not being the one. Many men are like little boys, don’t mature for many years. Have you ever though Nelly haven’t found the woman who will cause him to grow up?

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