Backlash: K. Michelle Clowns Mimi’s ‘Home Video’ While Joseline Makes Threats

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With a brand new season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” premiering next month, the cast of the hit reality show is once again turning all the way up and it appears that Mimi’s “home video” with Nikko may end up making her the butt of jokes in season three.

In fact, K. Michelle may not be on the show any longer but she still clowned Mimi about the tape and she didn’t hold back not even a little bit. She tweets (read from bottom to top): k michelle twitter 2

k michelle twitter

She also posted the following video on Instagram and writes in the caption:

I’ll never wish bad on another woman, but the way those b*tches in Atlanta treated me bad! I’m not perfect and I have my own skeletons, but I deserve this good laugh.



As we told you a few weeks ago, K. Michelle is still not on good terms with Mimi and she claims Mimi hasn’t reached out to her since her solo album’s success.

Of course the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez had some words for Mimi too. Joseline not only taunted her about her “boring” video with Nikko but she also seemingly made threats to attack Mimi when she sees her on the streets:

joseline disses mimi

joseline disses mimi 2

joseline disses mimi 3

As for Mimi, she has been silent on social media since news of her video went viral. But as we already told you, this was all a stunt to increase her popularity and she was probably happy to see her name become a trending topic on Twitter yesterday.


  1. Mimi has no idea that this little stunt she pulled won’t even get her very far. Black women don’t win for being hoes. That only works for white women. Look at Superhead, look at Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter. Where are they now? Now look at Kim Kardashian, that bish is on the cover of Vogue. Do I have to say anything more?

  2. You know, K. Michelle called it. And to answer one of her questions, Nikko’s roommate was the one holding the camera.

    1. As she should! Mimi has done nothing but call her a hoe since the first season. And turns out she’s not much better. I will never take her seriously again.

  3. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but Joseline is actually winning right now. She resorted to porn before she got on the show. Mimi is resorting to it now to STAY on the show. She’s hustling backwards.

    1. Girl you’re exactly right. Mimi is someone you want to smarten up and win in life, but she’s such a damn idiot that you want to just give up on her. And her man looks like Stevie. Just eww.

  4. TBH, All of these birds cannot throw stones at one another. All of em have c–ned one way or another for a Reality TV check.

  5. So when is Mimi going to say something? This is her moment, right? This is what she wanted. So why so quiet?

  6. Crazy. Mimi brought all of this on herself. And I’m not moved by those crocodile tears she cried in the preview. She’s taking a major loss on this one.

  7. I just feel sorry for her daughter. I actually feel sorry for the kids of all these people on these shows. They are acting like trash for a small check and it’s beyond sad.

  8. Yeah but there’s nude photos of K Michelle on the internet too so can she really clown anyone? Joseline too. All of them are freaks who will strip for fame.

    1. Nah. Now you know good and well those pictures happened before they blew up. Mimi is dumb here because she’s resorting to sex tapes and nude photos after she got on one of the most watched reality shows. She is hustling backwards period and she looks like a bird right now. You’re supposed to upgrade in life not downgrade yourself.

      1. U rite but Joseline, KMichelle, Draya, And Mizz Twerksum ain’t the ones to clown Mimi about it. And to be honest, most women that ever did a “home video” can’t say nothing either.

  9. who gives af-ck she grown she didn’t kill nobody what is wrong with ppl she’s the only one who has to deal with this …I cant believe everybody is so judgmental about her & her man sex life remember yall didn’t have to watch but yall did so what that make yall………….

    1. Girl bye. Not everyone watched that trash. I sure didn’t. Neither Mimi or Nikko are attractive to me. So there’s no desire for me to see them attempt to be sexy and smash on camera. The thought grosses me out. Get out your feelings. Blogs are meant for opinions. It ain’t that deep. Mimi is loving the attention anyway. So why are you so mad?

  10. Umm I’m going to need for Mimi’s two fans not to assume that everyone watched that video because I sure didn’t. I don’t watch sextapes. Especially not the struggle ones.

  11. Damn, what was she thinking?!! This is thirsty and disgusting at the same damn time. I can’t believe this is how black women and men are allowing themselves to be degraded and exploited for nothing. It’s heartbreaking.

    1. Very! Modern day blackploitation. The world already thinks we are buffoons. Will the REAL brothers and sisters stand up and represent!!!!

  12. Oh please. People don’t feel bad for Mimi because to be honest, this is not a damn sex tape. This is a straight up porn flick. They actually had a whole camera crew on set filming this struggle video and scenes and everything. It was thought out and something Mimi wanted to do because she didn’t have a damn storyline and she is boring. She is jealous of Joseline because Joseline is the star of the show naturally. She wants to outdo Joseline but she will fail because people will be over the video by the end of this week and the show hasn’t even started yet.

  13. Say what you want about K but she knew since day one that Nikko wasn’t sh-t. And now look…Mimi is a fool.

  14. Mimi is dumb as phuck. Nikko is clearly using her and does not even love her. He’s pimping her out and treating her worse than Stevie did. When a man loves a woman, he doesn’t want her out here making porn videos. But she wanted her extra 5 minutes so I guess she doesn’t care.

  15. K. always have me rolling, but she right about the majority of the stuff she say. Mimi should have listened.I feel sorry for her, but then again I don’t. I don’t seen nothing wrong with making sextapes if it’s between you and your partner, but if she decided to share it with the word then I have no respect for her because making one is one thing, but making it available to everyone is another. She wasn’t thinking about her daughter and it’s sad. She is definitely making Joseline look good.
    *The things people would do for a little bit of change.*

  16. Mimi isn’t smart enough to understand that Kim Kardashian’s situation is a rare one. Most women who do porn don’t end up on Vogue or one of the most famous/richest people in the world. Mimi is like 41 years old and she’s doing something you’re supposed to do when you are trying to get a platform when she already has one (LHH). She just made a very bad choice.

  17. Honestly, Mimi is a grown woman, while it may be stupid for us (cause I think there were definitely other ways to make a story line), for those looking for fame in all the wrong places, this was her way to become trending. However, Joseline and Stevie J no longer have a story line, so she is dissing Mimi to keep herself relevant; however, it is only making Mimi more famous, just like Mimi made her famous calling her out her name while she continued to have relations with her man. Mimi has made entertainment for herself, lets see what entertainment Joseline gives LHHATL, because it doesn’t look like living the happy married life is going to kick it for such a ratchet show.

  18. I watch the show for the pure entertainment. I feel Mimi trusted a man who is simply out for himself. I feel Mimi is just trying to get over the hurt that Stevie caused her with Joseline. I agree with my daughter the only revenge to get back at a man is to become successful. Mimi work on yourself and take care of your daughter and leave this tired men alone. I agree with Ms. Jackson only white women and foreign women can capitalize off of being a porn star.

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