Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Gets Put on Blast

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

You probably saw photos of Mathew Knowles’ baby mama Alexsandra Wright and their son Nixon moving out of their home all on the blogs the other day, and this comes just days after she told the press that they are now homeless and Beyonce should have reached out to aid them since her father has not.

Interestingly enough, now some whispers are suggesting that Alexsandra has allegedly been playing a very dirty game in the media and she even allegedly went as far as to call the paparazzi herself so they could snap photos of her crying and having what appeared to be a breakdown as her and Nixon removed their things from their former home. Blogger Fameolous is claiming the photos were staged and she’s allegedly just acting in attempt to shame Beyonce into getting involved.

mathew baby mama stunt
Photo Credit: Fameolous

None of this has been confirmed, so we’re just labeling this as gossip for now.

In related news, Beyonce took to her Instagram account the other day and posted an adorable photo of her and Mathew amid the reports regarding Alexsandra:

beyonce and mathew




It looks like Beyonce is still standing with her dad despite all the drama.


  1. Of course she’s faking and trying to stunt her way into Beyonce’s pockets. I knew she wasn’t sh-t when she kept bring up Beyonce and said not one word about Solange.

  2. I think most intelligent people figured this out already. Look the paps don’t even know who she is or where she lived. They had to get called by her to even find her house. She ain’t slick.

  3. I believe it! The way she kept doing interviews and talking about Beyonce just screamed gold digger to me!

  4. She just needs to sit down and get a job. No one will be pressed to give in and give her money. These stunts won’t change anything. Anyway, I hope Bey is working on her relationship with her dad.

    1. She’s not throwing shade. I don’t know why people assumed she cut off her dad in her private life just because she fired him from her business life. They never stopped talking.

  5. What I don’t understand is why she thinks it’s Mathew’s responsibility to give her money when she blew threw all the money he gave her when he paid 12k a month. Even now she will get over 2k a month. How is that not enough? She needs to get a job.

    1. And she won’t get any payments for another 2 yrs. I suppose he was overpaying, so he don’t have to make any payments until then. Lol. Good luck Alexsandra!

  6. Well then she failed because neither Mathew or Beyonce seem to be paying her any attention. Hopefully she’ll get the memo and sit down somewhere soon.

  7. Alex… didn’t think to talk to Bey all the while she knows she was cheating or whatever with Bey’s father “Mathew” she was not sorry then so don’t be sorry now! When you dig one hole you might as well dig two! who’s laughing now :(… Beyounce “stay still” pick yo battles this is not one. Alex go away…

  8. when you digg one hole Alex… should had digged two! Alex knows that this day would come…. Sneak, gold digger, whore… Mathew Knowles is still a man and you Alex got what you deserve! Sleep with dogs you get fleas. Beyounce pick yo battles… stay out of this mess her greed her own needs!

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