More Rumors Surrounding T.I. & Tiny’s Marriage Leak

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

TI and Tiny marriage on the rocks rumors have been circulating for months now. The other day TMZ reported that rapper T.I. has purchased a new home out in Buckhead and he tells the website he purchased the 4 bedroom home to be closer to a recording studio. He also confirmed that Tiny will not be living in the new home. But some of his own fans aren’t buying it because they recall that he has a recording studio in his home with Tiny, or at least appeared to on their reality show.

Interestingly enough, a source recently told Straight from the A that T.I. isn’t being completely honest about his new place. Allegedly the source also claims that they have spotted another woman who isn’t Tiny on the property and they believe the woman is living there. The source writes to SFTA:

A friend of mine has a delivery/moving company that delivered his furniture b/c he didn’t like what the owners had in there was Not his style. if you drive by you may not see him alone aka meaning not Tiny.

Again you ain’t hear this from me. Lol!!!!




Apparently some folks are suggesting that T.I and Tiny are really separated and they are only pretending to be together to hold on to their reality show. And it also doesn’t help that both T.I. and Tiny took separate vacations recently and split up the kids to do so.

Tiny dismissed all the gossip during her recent appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” so none of this has been confirmed.

In related news, Tiny recently announced on her Instagram account that she has a new reality show on the way. The new show is currently titled, “Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta” and of course her bff Shekinah will also star in the upcoming VH1 show.


  1. I smelled BS when I read he bought a house too. Whatever they are going through, I hope they work it out and things don’t get nasty between them publicly like most couples.

  2. I think they are separated. I don’t think they want to divorce but they are definitely going through a very rough patch.

  3. TI knows damn well he doesn’t need a whole house to himself. And I do remember them showing that he has a studio in the house he has with Tiny. So he’s lying like hell.

  4. Something is up. I can get that they want to keep their business to themselves and I respect that but you can only fool the public for so long before the truth has to come out.

  5. I’m starting to think all of this is just one big publicity stunt. They know it’s good for people to talk about them and wonder what’s up wit their marriage, meanwhile they keep getting more reality shows. I bet they aren’t even separated or having any marriage problems at all. This is just smart marketing.

    1. You could be right. Maybe they are both pulling our strings and getting more money out of this. But him buying a house is real. And that’s a red flag to me. A happy husband shouldn’t be buying another house 30 minutes from the house he shares with his wife and kids. Especially when he already has a studio in the house with Tiny.

    2. Nah you can tell they aint like they was they aint even do the promo for the show together. I watched last nite they really aint even fool with each other like that it was just about the kids.

      1. Damn really? I missed that. But I’m with you. I don’t think this is a stunt either. They are definitely on the rocks!

  6. This is a prime example of why people shouldn’t try to change once they get married. Tiny never had an issue with TIP sleeping with other women before they got married. From what I heard she even used to participate! But now that they are married, she wants him to be faithful. And he now has to start creeping? Girl bye. You knew what you were dealing with before y’all even got married. Don’t try to have a backbone now.

  7. Yeah it’s not looking good for TI and Tiny. I was holding out hope that all this stuff was just rumors but him buying a house is suspect. Very suspect.

  8. I believe this. And I also think they will announce they are separated when they feel good and ready to. But they won’t do it while the show is on.

  9. I think they are separated too and I have been thinking that for a while now. They don’t really act like they are together anymore. It’s just business and nothing more it seems.

  10. I really liked them together. I thought they were an adorable couple. If the rumors are true, hopefully it wont get ugly for the sake of ALL of their children.

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