NeNe Leakes Proves She’s Still the Queen of RHOA?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day we told you we believed the dynamics between RHOA producer Andy Cohen and NeNe Leakes have changed, and Andy just appeared to be completely annoyed with NeNe during her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

But it looks as if NeNe may have just proven that despite Kenya’s self proclamation as the RHOA Queen and the friction going on between NeNe and the producers, NeNe is still the one people love to watch.

NeNe’s WWHL appearance actually broke records. WetPaint Entertainment writes:

NeNe Leakes’s one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen on Sunday night may not have been great for her relationships with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars, but the sassy gal has certainly earned herself a friend or two among the Bravo execs. According to Nielsen, NeNe’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live was the highest rated ep of the late-night talk show this season!

Around 3.5 million people tuned in to see NeNe stop by the clubhouse, and an estimated 2 million of those were in the target 18-49 demographic!




Now we told you we were starting to feel like Andy and the other producers were toying around with the possibility of getting rid of NeNe, but she may have just reminded them that despite all of Kenya’s antics thus far, love her or hate her NeNe is still the most watched housewife.

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  1. I’m not surprised. NeNe has that personality that makes people either love her or hate her. Either way, she’s very entertaining.

  2. Of course. NeNe has an actual personality. And she always speaks her truth. Unlike Kenya, she can film scenes by her lonely and still be interesting.

  3. NeNe being on WWHL made up for the dullness that was the finale. I’m glad they planned it that way because the finale was a bore.

  4. Well duh! Love or hate Nene she makes RHOA. Truth be told one of the reason why Kenya turns up on TV like she does is because she is trying to compete with Nene she knows Nene runs RHOA. Andy them know where their bread is buttered at.

  5. This is why Kenya tries so hard. She wants to replace Nene. It’s not going to happen though. I can’t take any of these scenes Kenya has by herself. She has no real storyline outside of stirring the pot. And twerking on a piano and in the closet doesn’t do anything for me.

  6. This just saved NeNe’s job. I bet Andy was just trying to see how relevant NeNe was to the show. He did the same thing to Sheree…and now that the numbers are in they know that NeNe is still the head chick.

  7. The only problem with this rationale is that Nene spent much of her time talking about Kenya. Also, a lot of people I know tuned in to see what if anything she would say about the reunion fight.

    1. Is delusion a requirement to be a Kenya fan or nah? Ask yourself why a lot of the people you know care so much to hear what NENE had to say about the fight. LOL you just cosigned this post’s title…and NeNe barely said anything about Kenya. If you want to say that, I guess you also have to say that Kenya spent her whole season talking about NeNe. I just read a tweet from Kenya about who? NeNe. So who’s the pressed one again? Andy invited NeNe for her own 30 minute special because he knows who is still the one everyone wants to watch and listen to…including your a lot of people you know. Have a seat.

    2. 1. “The only problem with this rationale is that Nene spent much of her time talking about Kenya.” (LIES. NeNe talked about everything. She talked about Cynthia, Peter, Marlo, Sheree, the fight with Kenya and Porsha and how she felt about where the show is now. I mean everything. Team Twirl stay lying.)

      2. “Also, a lot of people I know tuned in to see what if anything she would say about the reunion fight.” (Right, so that makes what she says important and it means she still draws in the most viewers. So she’s still the queen. Deal.)

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