Beyonce & Jay Z Working on Baby Number Two?

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Although it was just confirmed that Beyonce and Jay Z will go on a summer tour together starting this July, now some people are thinking that the couple could be hiding even bigger news.

According to reports, the couple is working on baby number two and some folks are even suspicious that Beyonce may already be pregnant.

OK! Magazine writes:

Now that Beyoncé has wrapped her Mrs. Carter tour, friends are whispering that she and hubby Jay Z, 44, are ready for baby No. 2 — and already may be expecting!

“They’ve been trying since February, and her friends are convinced she’s already pregnant,” whispers a source. “The same things that happened during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy are happening again— she’s letting her hair go natural, her diet’s changed, she’s always blushing and giggling — it’s so obvious!”




Now as always, you have to take any gossip about Beyonce’s uterus with a grain of salt since the one time she actually was pregnant, no one knew until she showed off her belly at the MTV Video Music Awards. So we all know Beyonce can keep a secret better than most.


  1. Just because they are saying she is, I know she isn’t. Bey is very private. And those closest to her wouldn’t tell anyway. So I don’t believe this.

  2. I hope Bey is pregnant but we won’t know for sure until Bey and Jay decide to let us know. We know the drill sources always think they know something and really know nothing. I will believe when Beyonce announces it.

  3. I would think they would wait until they were done touring. But it’s possible. It’s not like Bey didn’t tour when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy. She’s a beast. She can and will perform while pregnant and you can’t even tell she’s expecting.

  4. I hope so! They seem to really be enjoying parenthood, so another baby would be great for them. Beyonce and Jay seem so happy.

  5. I swear the media has taken some kind of oath to report this story at least once a year. And the one time Bey actually was pregnant, none of them even knew. Crazy! LOL.

  6. I hope she isn’t because I’m trying to see her live this year! I need to see her perform her new album before she gets pregnant again!

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