Woman Gets Called out for Lying on Drake

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As of late, Instagram has been buzzing about a young woman who has been claiming that Drake is the father of her two year old son, but it appears she may have been caught lying.

According to Baller Alert, Shirdkevia Myrick sent them a tip claiming that the rapper is her son’s father and she has numerous pictures that do prove the child does look like Drake:

drake instagram drama

drake instagram drama 2

What also seemed odd to folks is that she kept saying she doesn’t need to take a DNA test to prove the child’s paternity. However, Baller Alert did a little digging on her Facebook page and discovered what they believe is the photo of the child’s real father:


Shirdkevia tried to convince the blog that the man in the photo is actually her brother but many are calling BS.

Since being put on blast for allegedly lying on Drake, Shirdkevia has since made her once public Instagram page private.


  1. Why do these chicks do this to themselves. People are going to eventually find out you are lying. I swear it is really pathetic what people will do nowadays for a little notoriety. I hope everybody is having a blessed and safe Easter 🙂

  2. Girl stop. I’m telling y’all some people will do anything to get attention. Anything! But Happy Easter to all!

  3. Yeah she’s been trying to get attention for a while now. She must be trying to get on a reality show. You know people do the absolute most when they are trying to get and keep Mona Scott Young’s attention. Hell look at Mimi. She became an actual porn star to keep Mona interested.

  4. Maybe next time she will remember to delete all the incriminating photos before she starts begging for attention on Instagram!

  5. This woman is dumb. Hell Blue Ivy looked like Drake for a time, but does that mean that baby ain’t Jay’s? Girl sit your crazy behind down.

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