Kim Kardashian Buys up Her Vogue Issue

Photo Credit: Vogue
Photo Credit: Vogue

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was reported by Page Six a couple of weeks ago that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Vogue issue was on pace to outsell the recent covers by First Lady Michelle Obama and Beyonce, but maybe that isn’t so true considering Kim and her family were just caught buying up the issue in bulk recently.

TMZ reports Kim was filmed by paps walking into a newsstand with Kris Jenner and her sister Kendall Jenner buying up all her Vogue issues.

And of course she was filming for the upcoming season of her reality show too.

We have to question why the reality star would be doing this if her issue is supposed have outsold Beyonce and Michelle Obama’s. But there have been rumblings that the issue isn’t selling as well as Kim’s camp is claiming.

Only time will tell.

This comes days after it was reported that Vogue is being sued over Kimye’s controversial cover.


  1. Everything about Kim is fake. Just like her reality show. I knew those articles about her outselling Beyonce and Michelle Obama were lies. These people can never tell the truth about anything.

  2. Well who else is going to buy the issue? I mean Kim doesn’t have as many fans as Beyonce or Michelle Obama. And most of us saw all the photos and read the quotes already on the blogs.

  3. Kim did not outsell no damn Beyonce or Michelle O! I wish they would stop trying to put Kim’s annoying a-s on the same level as Beyonce, someone who has some damn talent! And the nerve of Kanye to keep trying to compare Kim’s trashy a-s to Michelle Obama! His need for Kim to be on the level of two notable black women is disgusting and proof he hates his blackness.

    1. The sad thing is Kim actually thinks she’s better than both. And that’s only because she’s not black. She thinks by having white skin she’s already on a higher level. She’s the perfect example of white privilege.

  4. Who’s surprised? I thought everyone already knew Kim’s people were buying up all her magazines all over the country. They had to. No one is checking for Kim or Kanye like that besides dragging them in the comment section of blogs. And they keep trying to hype up this wedding because they are seeing no one cares anymore. How many times is Kim going to get married anyway? There’s nothing exciting or interesting left for Kim to do. She just refuses to accept her 15 are over. She will spend all her money buying up magazine covers and putting out fake stories to make it look like otherwise though.

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