NeNe Leakes Spills the Tea

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes made a recent appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show” and the reality star as always spoke her mind and didn’t care who it offended.

Of course NeNe had plenty to say about RHOA and that infamous dragging Kenya Moore got from Porsha Williams. But she also spilled some tea on the drama the cameras didn’t catch and salary issues.

NeNe admits that there are many times that she wants to walk away from the show, but she’s still not quite ready to actually do it. She says it’s the opportunities that come with being on a successful reality show that make the drama worth it. Since she’s the last original housewife standing, she takes issue with Kenya acting as if she made the show a success. NeNe says:

“Oh please. Honey, we had eyeballs before Kenya even came around. Now it’s the truth. We did.

“I mean we’ve always had the number one show in the franchise. Atlanta has been number one all of these years.”

Then here comes the shade:

“What’s good for the network is you can always hire people who are willing to do anything for a dollar and fifty cents. So when I go and try to negotiate for ten dollars, I’m not going to get it because you asked for a dollar.

“Honey, we can give her a dollar out of NeNe’s check and she’s good. “

On the money being worth getting dragged on the reunion show:

“The pay is ok. But I don’t know if it’s worth what you saw in the clip.

“It has changed a lot over the years. I thought or at least I think people would tune in just to see the Real Housewives of Atlanta because they get to see fabulousness, a good old read and never the hair pulling and punching and all that kind of stuff. Things have just changed. We have new members who bring the bitterness to the cast. Therefore, you have to get bitter with those girls.”

On Porsha attacking Kenya:

“I had no idea. It happened so quick. It happened so quick.

“I have to say, I have spoken out about it a lot. I very much support Porsha. I am Team Porsha and I will tell you why.

“If I felt Kenya was right even though I’m not a Kenya fan and I’ve been very honest about that as well, I would side with her if I felt she was right. What do you want if you are trying to provoke and you’re going to taunt…what do you want when someone retaliates?”

In a clip we obviously didn’t see in part one of the reunion, NeNe says that Porsha actually asked Andy to remove Kenya’s props because they were annoying her before Kenya got dragged but the producers ignored her:

“I remember Porsha asking, ‘Can you stop her from pointing the thing?’ But nobody did anything.

“I guess they thought it was going to be funny. It’s just not right. You can’t invade someone’s personal space.”

NeNe also says she feels Kenya targets Porsha often because she thinks she’s weak:

“I think you can only play with the weak for so long before they become strong.”

On why she had her hands over Porsha’s mouth:

“Listen, I’m a mom. So I immediately…Porsha scared me for a minute. She blacked out.

“And I wanted her to be quiet. She was saying so much and I didn’t want her to say something that would incriminate her.

“The people are listening and you are under contract. Don’t incriminate yourself. “

On the rumors of Cynthia, Porsha and Marlo being axed, she says (that rumor was already debunked by Bravo):

“Marlo ain’t never been in.”

When asked if their contracts state there is zero tolerance for violence:

“I don’t remember seeing that anywhere.”

On Porsha possibly losing her job:

“No, it’s not fair to fire Porsha. Actually I didn’t think it was fair to ask Porsha to leave the reunion. I thought if she had to leave, Kenya needed to go.”

Check out the videos below:


  1. NeNe is growing on me again. I agree with everything she said. And it’s really messed up the producers sat there and allowed Kenya to use those props when Porsha asked them to stop her. They are just as responsible as Kenya is for what happened.

    1. I think that’s what she plans to do if they fire her. Bravo must know it too because then that explains why they are taking so long to make a decision about bringing her back.

  2. The show just isn’t the same. Now that they are trying to force Kenya down everyone’s throats, I can see a lot of people tuning out next season.

  3. This is why I f-cks with Linnethia Monique Leakes.She told the absolute truth and basically called out Andy and RHOA people. Well said Nene Well said!

    1. Girl yes. This is why I ride with Nene. She isn’t scared to speak her mind ever. I love that about her.

  4. If Kenya was really smart, she would take ownership in her part of what happened with Porsha. But since she won’t, she will become even more hated by the viewers. She claims she is playing chess, but she’s not. She just set herself up to lose big in the end. She is becoming another Tami Roman, considered nothing but a bully and this will hinder her from doing anything outside of reality television.

  5. Black women need to boycott this show. Nene just confirmed that the producers were ok with what Kenya was doing to Porsha. And they probably are the ones who bought Kenya the props as well. We need to speak with our TVs and not watch next season. Kenya thinks she makes the show? Well let’s show her she doesn’t. Numbers don’t lie. Don’t watch this show next season and make your voices heard.

    1. LOL Kenya is not playing chess. She’s getting pimped out by Andy Cohen like everyone else. If she was so smart and intellectual like she claims, she wouldn’t even be on RHOA. She’s so delusional.

  6. I think we should boycott next season. They don’t care about our complaints as long as we still watch. But now if we don’t watch and the ratings drop then they will here our cries. Let’s boycott the reunion Sunday. Then they will get the message.

  7. I understand what they are saying about the props… but that is not why Porsha attacked Kenya. She didn’t like the reads that Kenya was giving her about her marriage, alleged affair and inability to spell. Kenya wasn’t even talking to Porsha, but Porsha had to push herself into that discussion between Kenya and Phadra. Putting the fight to the side, does Porsha really have a story line other then her not liking Kenya and you know that Kenya will refuse to film with her. So I don’t see her getting a new contract based on having no real storyline.

    1. LOL at you calling anything Kenya said to Porsha READS. That 45 year old woman took out a bullhorn to call another woman a ho. Both of them sounded like immature children on the playground who just learned how to use profanity. Seriously, both of them embarrassed themselves. I think people give Kenya way too much credit, hence her needing the props to begin with. And what storyline did Kenya have? Kenya does the same thing you just accused Porsha of…. she pushed herself into everyone else’s business to seem interesting. When you think about it, Kenya and Porsha are pretty much one in the same. They aren’t that much different. One just thinks she’s smart while the other is aware she’s dumb.

      1. Thank you. And I always thought Phaedra and NeNe have the best reads. Phaedra can calmly throw shade to Kenya and send that old beauty queen into a cursing temper tantrum. Meanwhile Phaedra won’t break a sweat. And Kenya is still scared of NeNe. NeNe told her to stop talking over her at the reunion and Kenya shut that mouth up quickly. She only targets Porsha because Porsha is weak. Kenya is a coward.

    2. Exactly. Porsha will be fired, not because of the hair-pulling, but because she brings nothing to the table besides the cobwebs in her cranium.

      1. If Kenya is so smart and better than everyone else, why is she on the show? If she was smart, she would have never got on this show in the first place. She’s another 50 year old bird still bragging about a title she got 30 years ago because she hasn’t achieved anything else since. You know you’ve failed at life if NeNe’s resume is better than yours. LOL.

      2. And what does Kenya bring to the table besides nastiness? The only reason it’s working now is because shows like LHHATL is what people want. They want ratchet and Kenya is the queen of Ratchet. But when it gets old like it did for BBW and LHHNY, will Kenya also take credit for the decline in ratings too?

        1. And that’s exactly where RHOA is headed too. They will have to get even more messy to keep up the ratings. Kenya will be the downfall of this show. For her to claim she’s a role model to little black girls, it’s ironic that she’s so focused on being a puppet to white producers and helping herself and other black women look like fools on TV.

      3. Hair pulling? LOL. Yeah, you’re one of those annoying and delusional Team Twirl people. That was a dragging boo. A dragging. And I for one thought it was well deserved. Even if Porsha is fired, she’s won in the court of public opinion and Kenya made herself look worse than she thought she made Porsha look. That’s the real tea in all of this. Now Kenya is looked at as the biggest bully of the show. And she can’t take it. Hilarious.

    3. lol what? Porsha got up to drag Kenya right after she called her a dumb ho in the bullhorn. It’s pretty clear the bullhorn is what escalated the situation. Sometimes I wonder if everyone was watching the same show.

  8. I hope Porsha is fired because Kenya’s fans are going to lose their minds if Porsha comes back next season. They just can’t stand the fact that Porsha was the one to drag Kenya around like old baggage in front of millions. LOL.

  9. I don’t know how any of these women have stans. They are all disgusting and an embarrassment to black women. They are just c–ning for a check and Kenya is the biggest disappointment of them all. I remember looking up to her when I was little and thinking she was so classy. But she is nasty, trashy and vile on this show. And I don’t ever want to hear anyone call her intelligent again. No, intelligent is what Vanessa Williams is. She is the one beauty queen who learned from the mistakes she made at a young age and she turned around and made a respectable career in acting ever since. She would never resort to being on some trashy reality show makign a fool out of herself for Andy Cohen! Kenya has really settled in life and it shows.

  10. Bravo is going to really blow it with this show. I can see it being cancelled in about two more seasons if they keep treating Kenya like she’s some god. The viewers are fed up.

  11. I guess I’m the only one who likes everybody on the show lol. They all deserve to come back next season IMO.

  12. I like NeNe. She’s funny to me and the realest out of the housewives. She will give her opinion no matter who doesn’t like it.

  13. NeNe made a good point. RHOA has always been the most successful and most watched show in the franchise. Kenya isn’t bringing in that many more viewers than they already had for her to be as messy as she is.

  14. This is the most detailed article I have seen on this interview. NeNe really said a lot and it makes me look at Andy in a very different light. Thanks for posting!

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