Sundy Carter Defends Making Hurtful Baby Comments to Brandi, Gets Boycotted

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sundy Carter angered a whole lot of people when she tried to find humor in Brandi Maxiell’s infertility issues which were caused by Ovarian Cancer, but she’s learning quickly that most people didn’t find her comments funny.

Even Shaunie O’Neal slammed her on Instagram the other day and some are calling for her removal from the show.

However, some people are taking things a step further and they actually created a petition demanding she’s fired from the show.

Melissa Velez, the petition’s creator, writes:

Sundy Carter does not belong on this show. She has no story line, she has nothing interesting going on in her life, all she is doing is being a mean, evil, bully to the other girls. She does not know how to behave among other ladies. She does not deserve a chance on this show. She has been talking bad about people’s kids, she’s taking it too far. Those young children do not have anything to do with this show or the issues that Sundy is having with the cast mates and they should not have to endure a stranger making bad remarks about them on a nation wide TV show. I love this show and i hope there is another season, I will continue to watch it if only Draya, Malaysia & Brandi come back to the show. Sundy needs to go and there should be new cast mates. What really broke my heart was watching the finale of this season last night, where Sundy was making fun of Brandi’s inability to have children because of a previous cancer that she had. After i saw that i knew i had to do something, so i decided to start this petition to Boycott Sundy Carter. I really hope VH1 takes this into consideration, i am not the only one who feels this way, many of us do.




As for Sundy, she’s been tweeting bible scriptures ever since she got word of the petition. Oh and she doesn’t really see why her comments to Brandi were wrong (read tweets from top to bottom):

sundy carter twitter


  1. She better be careful before she ends up in the unemployment line. Shaunie doesn’t give a damn about her. If enough people protest, she won’t be back next season.

    1. Girl that whole show may be in the unemployment line soon. I don’t see VH1 bringing it back. The ratings were blah and Draya is done. Stick a fork in it.

  2. Sundy has a lot of soul searching to do if she doesn’t see anything wrong with what she said to Brandi.

  3. Oh Sundy girl bye. The mere fact that you can’t admit you were out of line will be the very reason you will not be back next season.

    1. LOL I was thinking the same thing! It took a minute to read the article because I was literally laughing at the pic they chose! I love UB

  4. Can someone help me with the link to sign this petition? I can’t seem to find it and am in a hurry to sign it.

  5. I signed it. I’m sorry, Sundy just went too far. I’m all for good ratchet TV but between Sundy and Kenya, it’s clear some of the women don’t understand what boundaries are. It’s too much.

    1. Well as you can see, even if she apologizes it won’t be a real one because she thinks what she did was justified. And she did already say she apologized to Brandi, but her tweets say she stands by what she said.

  6. Sundy clearly has some passive aggressiveness issues. Seems to me throughout the whole season she got kicks out of seeing pain and hurt with the other ladies. Her little sneaky grins and happiness of watching them with tears in their eyes, almost broken hearts pleased her. Everytime I see that purple azz eye , my little sneaky grin and happiness of watching her eye get darker Pleases me.

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