Sundy Carter Exposes Draya?

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya and Sundy Carter had a nasty war of words in the current season of “Basketball Wives LA” which resulted in Draya giving Sundy a black eye, but now it’s been pretty much confirmed that Draya’s issues with Sundy is why she didn’t show up for the reunion show.

The show’s Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal had a one on one with Draya which was filmed separately for the reunion, and she discussed her beefs with Jackie Christie and Sundy. She says:

“I knew–I knew when I was going to Palm Springs, I knew I was going to whoop ass and take names….Cuz I knew she was going to push my buttons, first. I think it musta been the ‘Pansie-A** son.’ Too many of the ‘My son’. What makes another woman say that about somebody else’s child? You are sick and you need your a** beat. You wanna bring up Miami? Miami is the one who punched her in the eye, so leave her along and stop bringing her up…And if Jackie was out of line, I was gonna handle her.

“Jackie brought this fester, this disease of a person to us to do her dirty work for her. And she did it better than Jackie.”


When Sundy was made aware of Draya’s comments, she wasted no time in getting some jabs in. Sundy says:

“Yes it is, listen. I got a whole bunch of sh*t to you on Draya. Because I do, like she f*cked two people in the back of my friend’s car at her job. You wanna get your hands dirty and hide ‘em, I don’t. I’m very upfront. So if you wanna call me the villain, call me the villain. I’ll be the villain all day.”


Despite spilling some tea on her enemy, Sundy did apologize for making nasty remarks about Draya’s son:

“And I apologize for speaking about her son. I just wanna say that. I was emotional. I was you know, irate at the time and I was very out of line for saying that….Her kid didn’t have anything to do with it.”

Check out the video below:


  1. But Sundy isn’t a saint herself. So I don’t understand why she feels like she can say anything about Draya.

    1. LOL. I chuckled so hard at that part. But honestly, both of these ladies can’t say anything about the other’s heaux histories. They are really neck and neck.

  2. Sundy is an old fool. Instead of improving her ways as she gets older, she appears to get worse with age.

  3. Technically all of them have hoe pasts, so why are they trying to shade? I mean Sundy slept with a married man and had his baby. And that’s not the worst of what I’ve heard about her. She really can’t say too much about Draya because they have done most of the same dirt.

  4. See, why did Sundy even go there? All Draya said was that she thinks Sundy was wrong to say that about her son and she feels Jackie is using her to do her dirty work. And here comes Sundy throwing the lowest of blows over something so petty. Smh.

  5. I still don’t understand why Sundy is so pressed about Draya. Who cares what she did back when she was a stripper. Let it go.

    1. Jealousy. Out of everyone on that show, Draya is the most famous and appears to have the most success. Sundy is jealous.

  6. So when is Sundy going to talk about her college student boyfriend. Her new man is half her age. Talk about that Sundy.

  7. Ain’t she 50 though? So he’s younger than half her age. He’s like a freshman in college I read. LOL.

  8. LOL I’d tell Sundy to grow up but at her age it’s probably too late. It’s not like saying that will affect Draya’s pockets in any way. She seems upset because they share the same past, but Draya was able to find success and Sundy’s bitter because she can’t figure out how to do the same.

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