Nicki Minaj’s Hair Stylist Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj’s new image is being well received by the masses, and the Young Money beauty stated months ago that she was forsaking the cartoonish theatrics to be taken more seriously as a recording artist. So she fired her wig maker and fashion consultant.

No longer does Nicki rock pink and green wigs, and she’s feeling more glamorous with black tresses and less makeup.

However, her hair stylist Oscar James says she’s actually rocking her real hair. He tells Cosmo:

“For me, I prefer wigs. I can style them. I can put stuff on before I go. And then I can do whatever I want to. I can put more heat. I can put more color. Whereas with natural hair, you have to be a lot more careful and mindful. That’s a concern for me with Nicki wearing her natural hair almost everyday: It’s a lot of wear and tear on the hair. I’m trying to gradually get her back into wigs, but she’s adamant now. She doesn’t want it.”


  1. And she looks beautiful. I wish more women would chill out on the wigs and weaves and wear their real hair. It looks better than all that fake stuff.

  2. I love this new look on her. She looks great, I hope she keeps it. She doesn’t even need wigs with all that hair she has anyway, but if her stylist convinces her to go back to them I hope they resemble her own hair.

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