RHOA Producer Says Kenya Moore Provoked Porsha Williams

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you the other day that many people took to social media to drag RHOA producer Andy Cohen for allowing Kenya to use a bullhorn during filming for the reunion and in the end it’s all the backlash that pushed Andy to ban props for all future reunion shows.

However, Andy still felt the bullhorn was not really a sign that things would end up getting violent. It now appears the producer is now placing some fault on Kenya.

During “Ask Andy” when asked if he allowed Kenya to bring the bullhorn and the scepter, he says:

“Well I did. I didn’t know about the scepter. She sat down, we started rolling and then she had this wand. I saw that it was a bullhorn back there. I didn’t know what she was going to do with it. The couch to my left was kind of nodding their heads and laughing. You see me laughing, and I was. I was chuckling because it was so ridiculous that she was talking through this bullhorn.

“It seemed to be a device she was using for humor. How long would I have let her keep it? Probably about another minute.

“A lot of people called me and said how did you not see that coming? How did you not that this was going to go there? How I didn’t see it is, I’ve sat down through fifty reunion shows with fifty different groups of housewives who have fought with their words. And use their words to communicate. So yes, I saw that Porsha was getting very heated. Porsha and Kenya were saying very nasty things to each other. They were insulting each other back and forth. Both of them responsible.”

He also explains why he sent Porsha home early:

“As they were doing that, I did not in a million years ever imagine that it would escalate into them getting up off the couch. I didn’t.

“And the reason Porsha went home (which I got a lot of questions about) was that she said quite clearly that she felt that she was not prepared for the day. I don’t know if that meant emotionally or physically or otherwise. But I did not and the producers agree, want to put her in a situation where she was unprepared for. As you will see, there was a lot more frank talk and I did not want to put Porsha in a position where she couldn’t feel like she could defend herself with her words and place further stress on her.

“That was the reason I sent Porsha home and I said to her that she owed Kenya an apology because she physically put her hands on Kenya and I thought that because of that she owed her an apology.”

And now that the backlash has gotten thick, Andy now says that Kenya did provoke Porsha:

“I understand what people were saying in that Kenya was provocative to her. She absolutely was. It was a really intense situation.

“It was and still isn’t in my vocabulary that it would escalate into something physical.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I said it before and I will say it again. Both of those ladies were wrong. Kenya did provoke Porsha, but Porsha should not have attacked her either. But most people will not admit both were wrong. Either because they are fans of Kenya and they have adopted that same victim mentality she has or they hate Kenya and can’t ever admit that she was done wrong. Just saying.

  2. Kenya is as late as Christmas. And as far as her quitting the show…yeah right! If she did her checks would bounce like the Easter Bunny. lol

  3. Andy can have a stadium of seats. All he confirmed is that Kenya pretty much does whatever she wants to. And that is a sign for me that my days of watching RHOA may be coming to an end.

  4. Every time I see the video I just chuckle at the fact that Cynthia is so weak that she sat there and allowed Kenya to almost destroy her eardrums with that bullhorn. Cynthia needs to go.

    1. She doesn’t stand for anything. But now she wants to try to say something to NeNe but she should have checked NeNe seasons ago.

    2. Let Cynthia tell it, she doesn’t say anything because she’s too classy to do so. And that’s why I question why she’s even on the show. It’s not for classy people. LOL.

  5. Nothing but more damage control. As soon as he realized Kenya had a bullhorn, he should have shut her down and made her give it up. There was favoritism at play here.

    1. The bullhorn did not start the fight & had nothing to do with it. The scepter was on the floor. Porsha was picking a fight with Kenya by throwing insults at her. Kenya was defending the lies & gossip that Porsha’s shrill voice was spewing. Kenya then threw a rumor & some gossip towards Porsha. Porsha stayed on the offense w/Kenya. In defense Kenya called her a dumb Ho. That is when the dumb Ho got up out of her seat offensively to attack Kenya. Andy standing between Kenya & Porsha asked the dumb Ho to sit down but instead the dumb Ho attacked Kenya. Porsha committed a crime not the megaphone & the scepter.

      1. Oh girl goodbye. You pick up a bullhorn and call someone a dumb ho with it in real life and see what happens to your silly butt. You Kenya fans are just as delusional as Kenya. That idiot could have damaged someone’s hearing with that idiotic mess. I’m glad she can no longer bring those stupid props to the reunion. She’s an old fool and the majority of viewers agree hence Andy doing this damage control now. Deal.

      2. LOL, wait you’re calling Porsha the dumb ho but how intelligent is Kenya because the last time I checked using a bullhorn to get your point across wasn’t a sign of intellect either. In fact, I’m still waiting to see this intellect Kenya keeps speaking of.


  7. Hmm…Andy and Kenya have been using the same words lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out later that they have been having secret meetings about what to say to the angry public. That whole “fight with your words” ish is a damn lie. Kenya didn’t use her words either, she used props. I don’t think calling someone a “dumb ho” classifies as wit. Maybe that’s just me though.

  8. This is dumb. Andy had to get dragged to understand Kenya was wrong? Are you kidding me? Taunting people is wrong! Using a bullhorn in someone’s face is wrong! He should have asked both of them to apologize to each other and go home!

  9. He was going to ask her to put the bullhorn up? It didn’t look that way to me. He was enjoying every second of it.

  10. This pimp has to hate women if he thinks good entertainment is watching women hurl insults at each other all day. This show used to be funny and have light drama. It was fun to watch. Now I can’t stand to watch more than a few minutes. I think I have to leave RHOA behind. Especially if Kenya is the one they are trying to force down our throats.

  11. I think they were both wrong. And I say that as a Kenya fan. I’m just curious to see what the producers will do now as far as deciding who to bring back next season. I have a feeling Porsha will be fired regardless, but she won’t be the only one I’m sure.

  12. He didn’t think Kenya was wrong when it happened though. That’s my issue with all of this. Off jump he should have understood both ladies were in the wrong.

  13. Porsha was clearly provoked. It’s sad people had to drag Andy on Twitter before he saw Porsha’s side of things.

  14. I’m not here for Andy and his weak attempt at damage control. No other woman needed props to stand on their own tweet feet at the reunion before, if Porsha ain’t cut out for RHOA then neither is Kenya.

  15. Blaming props for an attack is like blaming a woman for rape because she has a v*gina. Porsha words towards Kenya was provocative however, Kenya demonstrated self control. All the women degrade each other…which is sad. Porsha has a lot going on and clearly is not in a good place. If the props should have annoyed anyone it should have been Cynthia. Porsha is just not the brightest bulb and she became frustrated with her inability to fight Kenya with words.

    1. So now Team Twirl is trying to compare a reality show idiot getting dragged by her hair for taunting someone verbally to blaming a woman for being raped. You people are mentally ill. And once again, Kenya did not use her words to fight anyone. She used a bullhorn. Stop it already. All these woe is me cards y’all keep trying to play is not helping Kenya. She is still losing in the court of public opinion so bad that Andy Cohen had to make this video and admit she provoked Porsha. Accept it and move on. Don’t dare insult rape victims over a reality show. That’s ignorant.

    2. Did you really compare blaming rape victims to this not even that serious situation? You’re disgusting.

    3. Umm what?? Do you not see Cynthia’s face while Kenya used that bullhorn in her ear? She looks like it’s hurting her. The picture is in the post on the video. And I’m not even going to comment on you trying to use rape victims to stan for Kenya. Smh. #Ignorance

    4. I’m pretty sure rape victims don’t scream at the rapist to rape them though. When Porsha got up, Kenya also got up and they were both in each other’s faces talking trash. Kenya can be heard on film daring Porsha to hit her and telling her come on and get fired. Kenya is not a victim. She wanted Porsha to hit her, so she could have her fired and then fool ignorant people like yourself into thinking she’s a victim. Thank God most of us saw right through it.

  16. When did reality TV get so deep that people starting stanning for these people? None of them and I mean NONE OF THEM deserve to have stans. All of them are trash c–ning for a paycheck. I’m disgusted anyone is taking up for Kenya or Porsha. They were both wrong and they both embarrassed themselves.

  17. I’m disgusted that some of Kenya’s own fans have the audacity to compare her getting her hair pulled to someone being blamed for rape. I think I need to stop watching this show if it’s dumbing down people this much. I mean this is too much for me.

  18. I miss the days when everyone would watch RHOA and just call it like it is. If someone was wrong, we said they were wrong. We weren’t fans of anyone. There was no team. None of that dumb sh-t. Now people take this show way too seriously and they swear these heffas are Jesus Christ himself. You mean to tell me Kenya was not wrong at all? Really? We’re just going to compare her dumb a-s to a rape victim? Really? And we’re going to pretend Porsha didn’t fall for Kenya’s trap like the simple minded idiot she is? Really? LOL. I can’t.

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