Cynthia Bailey Claps Back at NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

People were shocked when NeNe Leakes appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and suggested that it would be best if her former bff Cynthia Bailey didn’t come back for another season of RHOA, and it appears Cynthia was too.

In a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, Cynthia fires back and says that although she was trying to get past NeNe calling Peter a b*tch, NeNe’s suggestion of her getting fired was the last straw:

“I thought, honestly, that we would be able to get past it. But when I saw what she said about me on Watch What Happens Live, I was speechless. I know what I bring to the show. I was relevant before the show, I’m relevant on the show and guess what? I’ll be relevant after the show. I know for a fact that I bring the class and the balance and the grace to the show and I know people tune in specifically because of me and my husband. What she did is just despicable. I would never do that to her even if we were not friends.”



Cynthia says that despite no longer being friends, she feels sorry for NeNe:

“I always try to take the high road and I do make every effort to try to work through my issues with all of the girls. She can say whatever she wants to about me. At the end of the day, I just kind of feel sorry for her because she’s an unhappy person. I don’t think happy people try to attack others who aren’t really bothering them. I’m not bothering her. I’ve just moved on. We’re just not friends anymore and that’s it.”



Although her friendship with NeNe ended on a  very sour note, Cynthia says that there is only one way that they can be friends again:

“I feel like the only way we would ever be friends again is if she truly apologizes to me and mean it and then I would be open to it, but I don’t owe her an apology. I haven’t done anything to her, so since she doesn’t apologize for anything and is never wrong about anything, that’s going to be a cold day in hell before that ever happens so I don’t foresee us being friends going forward. Don’t get me wrong, I wish her continued success. But I’m never going to step down to NeNe’s level. She is going to have to step up to mine if we’re ever going to be friends again.”



NeNe isn’t one to hold her tongue though. She claps back in the following tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 6.51.26 PM


  1. It’s a little too late Cynthia. You should have stood up to NeNe a very long time ago. Now it just seems like you’re fishing for a storyline and you only did this because you now have Kenya to leech on. Girl sit.

  2. She wouldn’t be saying anything if Kenya didn’t become the new star of the show. Cynthia is just like her husband. She’s an opportunist. She only dealt with NeNe in the first place because she knew she was the queen of the show and she wanted to secure her spot. Now that Kenya is the new queen bee, Cynthia is now going to be all up in her a-s. Who didn’t see this coming?

    1. Thank you. And I know NeNe is not innocent, but neither is Cynthia. She’s actually the most calculating person on the show behind Kenya. Who do you think put that bug in Peter’s ear to turn up this season? Cynthia is not as good as she pretends.

  3. Cynthia has been the one causing most of the drama this season, but pretends she’s the most innocent person on the show. Anyone else catch that?

  4. So basically Cynthia is Team Twirl now. I bet her and Kenya talked about how to team up on NeNe at the reunion too. This show is so high school to me. Smh.

  5. I’m dying laughing at “I know for a fact that I bring the class and the balance and the grace to the show and I know people tune in specifically because of me and my husband.” Cynthia girl you don’t bring no kinda class to the show lol. I have had my laugh of the day.

  6. Umm Cynthia I don’t know anyone who watches the show for you or your Uncle Ben looking husband. Both of you can go in my opinion. Y’all have the same storyline every season. He starts a business, and you lose money. Seriously. Enough. Go away.

  7. Although she said some truth about NeNe, I’m appalled at how stupid she thinks everyone is. She is not classy. Any woman in her late 40s who thinks smoking a black and mild is sexy should not even talk about class. She’s weak, always has been and always will be.

  8. You are very classy Cynthia.
    Do not step down, but for NeNe to reach your level of class she would have to take a running LEAP.
    Keep doing you, and let her be in the gutter where she belongs !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Well then you need some lessons too because it’s actually GRAMMAR, not grammer. Now twirl on that.

  9. Oh please. None of these bishes are classy. NeNe needs to go ahead and tell people all the little dirt Cynthia has been doing for the last few seasons. She’s not better than anyone on the show. She’s messy too.

  10. I’m not sure why people don’t like to be honest about this show. None of the women are friends except Kandi and Phaedra. Everyone else just uses each other. NeNe used Cynthia and you better believe Cynthia used NeNe. And Kenya has used everyone to her advantage as well. This is why I say this show is just like a puppet show. Bravo has these women by the strings and they use them for your entertainment. They don’t care if they destroy them in the process. It’s sad.

  11. Yawn. Cynthia must have taken a page out of Kenya’s book with this whole victim thing. As much pot stirring as Cynthia has done, she can’t say too much about Nene.

  12. Oh how boring. So this is what next season is going to be? Cynthia and Kenya vs. Kandi/NeNe/Phaedra? Yeah, I think this may be the last season I watch.

  13. Shut up Cynthia. You went to dinner with NeNe and she apologized. You’re only bringing it back up because you knew your spot was in danger with Porsha’s. You need to go. You bring nothing to the show. Nothing. You’re personality is dull I cringe during your individual scenes. And classy people shouldn’t be on RHOA anyway. Take Porsha with you on your way out.

  14. I’m torn because while I do think it’s messed up that NeNe said Cynthia should be fired, she’s kind of right. Cynthia does have the same boring stoyline every season and that’s Peter spending up all her money on bad businesses. And she lets Peter do all her dirty work while everyone else is willing to do their own dirt and face public criticism. I don’t think that it’s fair she gets to stay because her husband is interesting when she herself is not. It’s time for her to leave the show. I don’t care for Kenya, but she is interesting. Cynthia is not and should have been fired after her first season.

  15. So it’s classy to have a husband who gets up in a woman’s face and gossips like a little girl. Got it.

  16. I’m starting to think NeNe and Cynthia are faking this beef for a storyline. This is the most we’ve talked about these two in a while because it’s really been about Porsha and Kenya for the last couple of weeks. IJS.

  17. I still like Cynthia. I hope she and NeNe can be friends again. But NeNe needs to understand she has to give respect in order to get it. Her ego is out of control. But I did love their friendship.

  18. It’s hard for any friendship to stay in tact on a reality show. If you have a disagreement on the show, you will have people on Twitter criticizing how you handled it and people catch feelings when they find out someone in the public thinks they were weak. I don’t even think Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship will last. It’s just a matter of time. Too many egos and too many producers desperate for ratings.

  19. Um Cynthia has been two faced since her first season. I guess we were supposed to forget that and feel sorry for her. :-/

  20. It’s sad that their friendship had to end like this. While I agree with Cynthia on NeNe’s lack of respect, I also agree with NeNe’s allusion that Cynthia is weak minded. Why did it take twitter and a bunch of viewers to get you riled up again after you and NeNe squashed everything? They were posting pictures of them traveling together on twitter no to long ago. Their “friendship” breaking down two weeks before the reunion leads me to believe Cynthia was more concerned with the viewing public’s perception of her more than anything. NeNe, on the other hand, has a real problem with accountability. She’s not blameless in the demise of their friendship but she’ll never own it.

  21. Respect is much an ISSUE NOW…CYNTHIA should have demanded RESPECT DAY ONE….she’s one shady cookie…last season she ran to KENYA dishing dirt…after every gathering, when Kenya wasn’t there…THEY R ALL CRAZY TO LET BRAVO EXPLOIT THEM….BUT THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR IS A “B”

  22. Good ol’ Karma bit Cynthia right in the a$$. It’s so funny how all of a sudden she’s saying Nene is unhappy,want’s everyone to kiss her a$$ etc etc now that she finally felt the wrath that everyone else been feeling and warning you about since day one. And she looks stupid because she says that Nene thinks she is never wrong (which is definitely true) yet I vividly remember her taking Nene’s side in EVERY battle she was in whether it was Kim, Sheree, Phaedra or whoever else. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Nene is a snake the minute someone stands up to her not only do she cut them off but she also want them off the show. I also find it funny how lately Nene keep referencing Kim and Sheree in her arguments. All before she couldn’t stand the two of them now that the new girls are turning on her she says thing “even Kim and Sheree” or “I miss fighting with the old girls” etc etc.

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