Kordell Stewart Distances Himself from Porsha After Reunion Dragging

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams may not have planned to end up with a mugshot after she literally dragged Kenya Moore during filming for the RHOA reunion, but her ex-husband Kordell is reportedly so ashamed of her behavior that he is trying to distance himself from his reality star ex-wife. Friends of the retired NFL quarterback tell Radar Online:

“Kordell is distancing himself from Porsha, now more than ever. He’s embarrassed for her. During their marriage, he thought Porsha acted inappropriately to get ratings for the show and wasn’t a good role model for his son [Syre]. Her fight on national TV proves that.

“When Kordell allowed BRAVO into his life, it went against everything he stood for. He is a very private person but compromised for fame-hungry Porsha.”


    1. Thank you. I don’t get why he’s still throwing shade. They aren’t married anymore and he says he feels like he dodged a bullet. Ok cool, so why are you still thinking about her and keeping up with what she’s doing? He sounds bitter.

      1. Umm…his friends said that is what he told them. And he also comments about her on Twitter and Instagram quite frequently. So yes, he does comment on her still and he needs to move on.

      2. When blogs say “friends” usually it’s a PR rep or the celeb themselves unless they made up the story all together. And Radar Online does get its info straight from Kordell. They were the only site to have his court papers about his child support case and they also write in favor of him quite a bit, another sign that they have a relationship with him. I’m in PR. I just thought I’d educate you since you seemed to be misinformed about how this works.

  1. But Kordell ain’t distancing his self enough from Porsha to stop talking about her to the blogs. Clown I can’t stand this dude.

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