Sundy Carter Fired?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sundy Carter fired? We told you last week that a petition urging VH1 to fire Sundy Carter from “Basketball Wives LA” due to the comments she made about Brandi Maxiell’s infertility issues was picking up steam on the Internet, and even Shaunie O’Neal took to her Instagram account to slam Sundy for making the harsh remarks.

But it now appears that those who were demanding Sundy’s exit may have gotten their wish.

Last night before the reunion show ended, host John Salley asked both Jackie Christie and Brittish Williams if they were returning for another season and both said yes.

He didn’t ask Sundy though, prompting many on Twitter to assume Sundy has already been notified she will not be returning.



  1. She doesn’t need to come back. The cancer comments angered a lot of people. I get she was mad because Brandi had just called her a slut, but cancer is the one place you don’t ever go.

  2. She’s another fool who will say anything to hurt another person all in the name of being on a reality show. Sad indeed.

  3. VH1 can’t bing her back because it would be a terrible PR move. Sundy is a dummy. She only lasted one season because of her big mouth. And her mouth got her a black eye by Draya out of all people. She just keeps taking Ls.

  4. Sundy is evil as hell. They need to kick that woman to the curb. I have never seen anyone will say and do something so nasty to people just because she feels she can. And she’s really effed up for doing her daughter the way she did too. She needs to get off TV and get some damn counseling.

  5. That chick will not be missed if the show is renewed. Never heard of her until this season and hope to never hear of her again. That is one low-down heifer. Posting that vile picture of her daughter was enough for me. You keep folks like her at arm’s length. Smh.

  6. I hope she doesn’t come back. She came in acting like an immature person and I just couldn’t stand her.

  7. Sundy will be missed.. I don’t know why is everyone so upset with Sundy, she never said anything about cancer, she merely said that she should try and have a baby boo.. I had three.. last time I checked, an argument does not have rules and regulations, they both said things that were meant to hurt.. I hope they keep Sundy.. getting rid of her for a comment, they she apologized for.. pleasssse..

    1. You are ignorant as hell. An adult should be mature enough to control their mouth. That was a low blow and so unnecessary. God don’t like ugly I bet she wouldn’t find it funny if she got cancer

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