The-Dream Attacks His Ex-Girlfriend?

Photo Credit: BET
Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The-Dream may have just gotten himself into some serious trouble. According to reports, the big time music producer and songwriter is being accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend while she was pregnant. And he’s currently a wanted man since the NYPD is looking for him.

TMZ reports:

Police in New York are on the lookout for music producer The-Dream after he allegedly punched, kicked, and strangled his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time, law enforcement sources tell TMZ — but the producer insists the allegations are bogus.

According to law enforcement, the alleged incident took place in April 2013 at the Plaza Hotel, roughly three months before Dream’s ex-GF Lydia Nam gave birth to his infant son.


  1. If he did this, he needs to be locked up. He knows better than this. He could have hurt his child. WTF was he thinking?

  2. The Dream is a loser so I can believe this. He left Nivea with 3 kids when he got famous. Cheated and left Christina Milian while she was pregnant. It seems like after these women have kids with him then problems start to happen.

  3. Why doesn’t this man know how to stay in a committed relationship and treat women better than he does? He’s the common denominator in all of his women problems. It’s sad because he still keeps making babies.

  4. Karma is one hell of a B**ch… Is he even relevant anymore? He seems shady as hell…. Women will never learn… All that headache.. Is it really worth his sperm? I wouldn’t even go near him..

  5. Women only deal with this man bird because he has money. He has a long history of treating women like trash. I’m not shocked at all if he really did this.

  6. You have to be a despicable human being to beat up a pregnant woman, especially when she’s pregnant with YOUR child.

  7. I’m not sure on my stance with regard to this yet. I heard them talk about this on The Breakfast Club this morning and they went into more detail about her past in Canada and whatnot….which makes me question her character. Plus, it was said that the alleged incident happened in April of 2013 and she didn’t report it until November. Irregardless, no one deserves that kind of treatment; I just don’t know if I believe it.

  8. I remember reading on here that his ex was a gold digger but he knew full well what her past was and he said he didn’t care. So if he did this, he needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t give men a pass on hitting a woman, even if they are a gold digger. Especially when they knew full well what the woman did in her past and said they don’t care.

  9. Eh, I wouldn’t put this past him. I hated the way he did Nivea and Christina Milian. He definitely has some major character issues.

  10. I think The Dream has met his match. He met the one woman who wasn’t going to take being discarded like trash after she pushed out his kid. Karma baby.

    1. LOL oh yeah she is setting him up real good. He can’t say people didn’t try to warn him about her though because they did. Even his own friends. Maybe next time he will listen.

  11. Oh don’t worry y’all. This is just a publicity stunt and he’s in on it. He just dropped a new song. :-/

  12. You never know who is telling the truth in these situations sometimes. She waited for a very long time and that’s weird to me but maybe she’s only reporting it now because they aren’t together anymore.

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