Porsha Williams & Kordell Stewart Face-off in the Media

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams has been busy on a press run to tell her side of the dragging she gave fellow RHOA star Kenya Moore, but now she’s hurling some major accusations Kordell Stewart’s way too.

In fact, she recently told Access Hollywood Live that her ex-husband was abusive:

“The video [for ‘Flatline’] does touch on domestic violence and some abuse I encountered in my marriage. It’s not exact to what I went through, because, honestly, what I went through was a little bit worse in some instances. Abuse, physical and mental.”

When asked specifically if Kordell ever physically abused her, Porsha says:

“Yeah. There were several different occasions that this happened.

“When you’re in an abusive situation, it kind of just builds, and it starts to get worse and worse. And people ask me, ‘Why didn’t you tell anybody or call the police, or what have you?’ I thought that I could make it better … It doesn’t work like that.”


Porsha also claims that Kordell would put her down verbally so bad that she felt less of a woman and a wife.

Of course Kordell has clapped back at the accusations made by Porsha and he tells Hip Hollywood she’s just lying to secure her spot on RHOA:

“I’m focused on raising my son and being a single dad. That is a big enough job, without having to continue to respond to her false claims and foolishness. It seems she is willing to do anything to try and keep herself relevant. I have moved forward in my life and I hope she can move forward and stop bringing me back into her life. I was done over 14 months ago with our relationship and marriage.”


  1. Porsha better stop before Kordell tries to sue her and make her pay him spousal support. I know he will try. LOL.

  2. It’s possible Kordell was abusive, I mean he did treat her like property most of the time. But either way, it’s time for the both of them to move on and stop talking about each other. It’s over and that is for the best.

  3. She’s a beautiful girl but she makes the dumbest decisions ever. Why did she marry him anyway? There are more attractive and richer men in Atlanta than Kordell. She should calm down some and work on herself so she can secure husband number 2. She doesn’t strike me as the kind of woman who can take care of herself.

  4. He did give me abusive teas. I remember asking one of my girls if she thought he smacked Porsha around during season five. She said she could see that being the case.

  5. Porsha is doing exactly what Kordell wants her to do keep talking about him. Porsha had really stop talking about this clown. But after the reunion fight he started back up talking about her and I think that she is retaliating. Porsha don’t give this clown anymore shine you have moved on don’t let this clown get the best of you.

  6. Kordell abusing Porsha isn’t far fetched at all. He was so controlling of her that it really does seem like something he would do.

    1. yes he so controlling that he dumped her sorry a-s.. why would anyone dump someone they are controlling usually abusive men dont allow their victim to leave. thats why they fear the abuser, because that makes them more violent.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true. Honestly, I believe it but I feel it’s time for Porsha to work on putting Kordell all the way in her past. There’s no shame in seeking therapy for issues like this. Kordell and Porsha made some piss poor decisions regarding their marriage, and airing their troubles for all the world to see didn’t help. It’s time to move forward.

    1. Didn’t she tell Andy she didn’t want to talk about Kordell thats in the past.. but yet she is on every talk show slamming her husband.. does that makes sense>> NO

  8. I don’t know what I believe. I do think though that true or not, she’s putting in work to get people talking about her in the hopes of the fight being overshadowed. She needs the show. She needs a storyline. And she’s working on it. Reality television has desensitized me to such accusations; at least from reality stars and other celebrities anyway. There’s no telling what’s real and what’s not. *shrug*

    1. No its about MONEY .. she could care less about anyones feelings but her own… she likes to play the poor little me role.. Move on .. I thought she said she wants to put her marriage behind her, she has been on more talks shows slamming Kordell and making money…..

  9. I love Porsha and I believe her. It’s something about Kordell that I have always felt was dark and mean.

  10. Porsha is trying real hard to save her job. I feel sorry for her because I don’t think it’s worth it. All money ain’t good money. Why try so hard to stay on a show that encourages you to be catty with other black women?

  11. You know the only two people that really know what happened is Kordell and Porsha. I just wish the both of them would move on and stop talking about the other. It is so over. Let it go.

  12. Porsha is a liar. I don’t believe anything she has to say. Now her husband abused her when she couldn’t wait for him to take her back. It’s not Kordell bringing the past up its Porsha slamming him and Kenya she keep sh-t going and she reminds me of Nene…

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