Nelly Shades Floyd Mayweather

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Floyd Mayweather took to his Instagram account to put his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson on full blast, and he claims the real reason they broke up is because she terminated her pregnancy behind his back.

According to the famous boxer, Shantel was pregnant with twins and he’s furious she would kill the babies without getting his permission first.

It’s been rumored that Shantel has a budding romance with Nelly, but he told his followers on Twitter that they are not dating.

But that didn’t stop him from shading Floyd on Twitter the other day. He tweets:

nelly twitter

As for Floyd, he pretty posted photos of Shantel pre-surgery on Instagram yesterday and he even asked her to return the money he gave her to get her face altered:

floyd mayweather instagram

Of course he deleted everything though.


  1. Floyd reminds me of my ex. He acted such the biggest a-s when we broke up. I mean he said and did anything he thought could hurt me. I didn’t react or let him know his actions were hurting me. I acted unbothered. Then he tried to come back a few months later and apologize. I told him I could never be with him again knowing that he would sink to the lowest of levels just to hurt me out of anger. He was devastated and wished he could take it all back. That’s exactly what will happen with Floyd. He’s going to throw so many jabs at Shantel that there will be no going back for her.

    1. Girl I think we all have had an ex like that. They forget they treated you bad when they left that they actually have the nerve to try to come back like nothing happen. Nah. I’m good. Deuces!

  2. I agree with Nelly. Floyd is making himself look so bad. He needs to log off Instagram and get his emotions together.

  3. He needs to just stop being miserable and leave the gold digger be….find another gold digger or just stop being in relationships when u knw u don’t wanna be faithful….,anyway Nelly need not say much and stop fckn wit other peoples left ovas either go back to Ashanti or that half Asian chick for he get chin checked. Floyd maybe an a.s.s but he got them hands and they are certified

  4. Nelly is wasting his 140 characters. Floyd has always been a very immature person who seeks validation with money. he actually believed Shantel would stay with him and tolerate his mess as long as he was rich and now he’s salty because he sees that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s in shock and outraged about it. Oh well. She’s moving on and he needs to do the same. Embarrassing her won’t change anything.

  5. Take away the money and Floyd is just another man who has no game and doesn’t know how to deal with women. If he had any swag, he wouldn’t be all butthurt on IG. He’d have a new woman on his arm right now and not thinking about Shantel. He needs money to pull women and he’s a lame.

  6. Nelly must not know that Shantel won’t even be accepting his calls in a few weeks. He can’t afford her. She’s just using him to get to Floyd and it’s working. She will have a new rich man in a few months tops.

  7. Have a seat Nelly. She won’t even want anything to do with you by next week. You’re being used.

  8. Nelly must want to get his a-s whooped. Floyd is all in his feelings and he’s not thinking straight. This ain’t the time to try to come for him.

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